entrepreneurial skills development

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This research proposal discusses the causes and effects of poor entrepreneurial skills development amongst the youth in Gaborone. The study entails the background information of the study, statement of the problem, research objectives and questions, scope of the study, the hypothesis, and significance of the study, limitations and the definition of terms.

Entrepreneurship is a way of life that offers unlimited possibilities to those who truly believe in it and live by it. But at the same time, entrepreneurship is a way of life that can totally alter the course of your life if misunderstood.

Entrepreneurship is not something you can fake your way through; you are either doing it right or not doing it right simple. There are no ways around it. (Thurik R 2009)

The development of entrepreneurial skills in Botswana is a major challenge and has been the topic of countless research. Nothing much has been done, however, to quell these problems and they continue to present themselves. I am going to investigate and assess the entrepreneurial skills development and find out its impact amongst young entrepreneurs in Gaborone. 1.1 BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY

Across the world, young people face real and increasing difficulty to develop their entrepreneurial skills with each passing day (Robinson J 2001). Studies of structural unemployment has also identified on a mismatch between the stock of job-specific human capital and the needs of the job market (Botswana Guardian 28 February 2014). With the need for economic diversification and a depletion of skills resource and the need for more competent and able entrepreneurs, Botswana’s best bet is to place emphasis on quality instead of quantity. Currently Botswana’s entrepreneurs’ are at a worrying nadir. (Botswana Guardian 28 February 2014). According to McConnell C (2009.) An excellent education system is measured by the quality of academic results, scholarship attainment and the graduates it produces along with their collective impact on the larger society. To note significant success and growth across all professions and industries, there must be a prevailing culture of excellence. (Roy Thurik 2009).

According to the Botswana Guardian newspaper (28 February 2014) the changing nature of the work environment, technology and competition in the global market for entrepreneurial skills has far outpaced what the education system provides for students, despite ongoing efforts of educators and committees to improve schools. This challenges all education stakeholders to be on their toes, and on par with the forever evolving dynamics of education; and place emphasis not only on academic assessment but also essential entrepreneurial skills, technology resource tools, enabling environments as well as a strong support structure to ensure learners academic excellence and continued success in entrepreneurship development. (Botswana Guardian newspaper, February 28 2014). Most entrepreneurs fail in business because of poor entrepreneurial skills and also due to lack of qualified mentors to oversee the project (Robinson J 2001). Other challenges include capabilities of entrepreneurs, lack of marketing and technical skills and financial management (Acemoglu 2001). Although the government has established organizations like Local Enterprise Authority (LEA), Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA), BOCCIM, Business place and the Ministry of trade and Industry through the Economic Diversification Drive (EDD) office in order to quell these problems. This is not enough and schools must partner with these organizations to do the “education with production” so as to improve the entrepreneurial skills amongst the youth. (The Botswana Gazette, November 13-19 2013) 1.2 RESEARCH PROBLEM

This research project endeavors to determine the views of youth on the relevance and effectiveness of government and its initiatives geared towards addressing the...
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