Entrepreneurial Skills and Characteristics

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Q: how can leaders of corporate entrepreneurship generate potential for new ventures(working with people, strategy and operations)?

Corporate entrepreneurial advantages (ventures) can be created relying on tangible (e.g. physical, financial and labor resources) and intangible resources (e.g. human, social and intellectual capital). Intangible resources are becoming ever more salient, especially in highly innovative and emerging industries. Whereas human capital is concerned with the capabilities, knowledge, skills and experience of employees, intellectual capital refers to collectively embodied, organizational knowledge and social capital is described as an asset incorporated in social networks. However, the role of intangible resources has been under investigated in corporate entrepreneurship and innovation research. Corporate entrepreneurship and innovation research of the Research Centre for Organization Studies group aims at bridging this gap by means of several research projects. One project focuses on the role of inter-organizational collaboration in the context of innovation. A second project develops a behavioral model of corporate entrepreneurship, incorporating tangible as well as intangible resources that can be deployed to create corporate entrepreneurial advantages.

Entrepreneurial skills and characteristics are more critical in organizations today than ever before, the passion, connection to something bigger, and agility to shift and learn from mistakes are required for success in today's global economy. Successful corporations recognize that employee mindsets get in the way of innovation in service offerings, and while few really want "entrepreneurs" in their environments [too suggestive of independence and lack of control], many recognize that "partnering" is the only way to tap into the brains that ARE the assets of today's economy.

when both workers and the organization look for "win-win" approaches, both succeed. Since most workers...
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