Entrepreneurial Project

Topics: Entrepreneurship, Management, Project management Pages: 16 (4728 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Module Title: Entrepreneurship Project
Candidate Name: Ayoub Hussain Merali
Candidate ID: W13149301
Module Code: BMKT614.0
Credit Level: 6
Credit Value: 30 Credits
Module Leader: Dr Jane Chang
Assessment 3: Reflective Assignment
Deadline: 25th April 2013 (12 noon)

Contents Page

Executive Summary3
1.0 Introduction4
1.1 Entrepreneurial Project4
1.2 Experimental Learning5
1.3 Reflective Learning5
1.4 Reflexive Learning6
2.0 Key Events Table:7
3.0 Satisfactory Graph8
4.0 Critical Incidents & the 9 steps9
5.0 Define The Project10
5.1 Critical Incident – Misunderstanding of Project Definition10
6.0 Describe the team strengths & weaknesses during project10
6.1 Critical Incident: more team weaknesses than strengths11
6.2 Critical Incident: The Entrepreneurial Pitch11
7.0.Define the context of the project11
7.1 Critical Incident: Applying the four wheel driving tool (Appendix 5)12
7.2 Critical Incident: Guidance from other modules12
8.0 Describe the offer13
8.1 Critical Incident: Stress13
8.2 Critical Incident: Evaluate Unique Selling Point13
9.0 Communication & Action Plan14
9.1 Critical Incident: Communication Plan Similarities14
10.0 Develop HRM Plan14
10.1 Critical Incident: Mismatch between Applicant & Skills15
11.0 Develop financial plan15
11.1 Critical Incident: Poor Financial Understanding15
12.0 Implement & evaluate the project16
12.1 Critical Incident: WIKI Project & Log books16
12.2 Critical Incident: Decisive Feedback16
12.3 Critical Incident: Competition17
12.4 Causation V.S Effectuation17
13.0 Conclusion17
14.0 Recommendations18
15.0 Referencing19
16:0 Appendices21
16.1 Appendix 1 - Double Loop Learning21
16.2 Appendix 2 – Detailed Graph Personal verdict on entrepreneurial project22
h16.3 Appendix 3 – Different In Team Strengths & Weaknesses23
16.4 Appendix 4 - Key findings through market research/questionnaire24
16.5 Appendix 5 – Four learning cycle25
16.6 Appendix - 6 Communication Plan26
16.7 Appendix 7 – Human Resource Management Plan27
16.8 Appendix 8 - Financial Plan28
16.9 Appendix 9 - Self Reflective Chart, Gibb , Degree of Learning29
16.10 Appendix 10 - Personal Effectual Cycle30

Executive Summary

This reflective account begins by understanding the importance of the entrepreneurial project and how it creates value for various learning mechanisms such as reflexive learning. After this I conducted a detailed events timetable & graph, which highlights which event, was most satisfying and well help me progress in the future. After completing this, the report is broken down into 9 core areas, which relate to the nine key stages of this live process, each stage is reviewed and then critical incidents are evaluated supported by theory and knowledge. There are several critical incidents, which indicate the learning by doing philosophy. To conclude look as an overview how entrepreneurial studies have helped me to become more mature & responsible and why I am so eager to carry on with the existing project successfully. Finally I have conducted possible recommendations to help future young entrepreneurial students.

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Entrepreneurial Project

Entrepreneurship education has helped develop my self-confidence, initiative, team spirit, self-esteem, and the drive to excel. Before university I developed people skills working with my father in a local convenience store from a young age, having your father as a mentor simply built a practical platform to believe and challenge myself to become a successful Entrepreneur. This strongly relates to Edward B. Roberts theory, which says, “Father’s businesses & availability is the answer to proliferate the probability that an offspring will later become an entrepreneur.”:(Roberts 1991). However I always wanted to test myself more, this entrepreneurial project gave me...
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