Entrepreneurial Plan ( Business Plan )

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I. Introduction
Snacks have always been a part of our everyday routine and one of the most favored snacks is chips. From students grabbing a fast snack in between classes to professionals having their 30-minute coffee break, chips have been the choice. From the humble potato to whole wheat variants, chips have diversified into more than your basic snack fix. Chips have always been synonymous to junk foods. Junk foods are food that has low nutritional value and often times are high in fat, sodium and cholesterol. Despite that fact, people have always patronized chips. A reason may be because the crunchiness and savory taste is something people have been addicted to. But nowadays, people have been more conscious about what they eat. This led to the emergence of healthier versions of chips and one of which is vegetable chips. Vegetable chips are a great alternative to the usual chips. Not only is it less processed and artificially flavored, it also gives you a variety of flavors. That’s what Healthy Corner Enterprise offers. The company will offer a mix of vegetable chips composed of potato, sweet potato, purple yam, cassava, and squash. It is definitely enjoying chips in a healthier way.


II. Executive Summary
The company will operate under the name of Healthy Corner Enterprise located at the EV (Entrepreneurial Venture) area, 3rd floor of the SFC building, University of the East – Manila. It will provide healthy and quality yet affordable vegetable chips called Vmix. This is a mixture of different vegetable chips namely potato, sweet potato, cassava, squash and purple yam. The chips have variety of flavors such as cheese, barbecue, sour cream and the original or the plain salt only. Also, Vmix chips will be sold at 50 grams per pack. The company’s goal is to encourage every individual to eat chips in a healthier way by eating our extraordinary vegetable chips called Vmix. The company is composed of eight (8) members who are partners in the business. Each has a position in the company’s organizational hierarchy such as general manager, production manager, marketing manager, financial manager, production staff, sales staff and financial staff. The company will engage in the manufacturing of chips using different vegetables. It will be manually operated by the production team and ensures that every product will be properly cooked and in good quality. The company will employ effective strategies to sell and make the product known such as the use of simple but attractive packaging, tarpaulin, and through the use of social networking sites. Based on the company’s capacity, the total sales projection for the entire operation, a total of 16 weeks or 240 hours, is approximately 1920 units. The company is capable of meeting such demand where the computed capacity is approximately 30 units daily and 120 units per week. Employees will be compensated based on their designations, duties and qualifications in the company. Monthly rates are as follows; P240 for the general manager, P220 for financial, marketing and production managers; P200 for the financial and sales staff; and P100 for production staff. They are expected to work daily completing a total of 3 hours. Company policies have been designed to control the company’s operations. The total project cost amount is P15,753,75 and each member will have an equal share in the capital formation. The operations will commence upon the contribution of the members amounting to P1,969.22 each. No borrowing will be made either short term or long term. The capital will be used to cover for pre-operating, operating, selling and general and administrative expenses. Monthly operations also require 383 units of vegetable chips must be sold to attain break-even or to cover up for the expenses incurred in producing the products. The projected income statements and balance sheets also prove that the business will be profitable. The financial ratios...
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