Entrepreneurial Management

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Ng Guang Jie (S9031194H)


MGMT104/Term 2 – 2012/2013

Course Instructor: ____Professor Tan Wee Liang_____

“The kind of idea that organizations need is what managers are trained to kill.” (Gary Hamel, in video). He was referring to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Discuss this statement drawing upon Chapters 1 to 6 of Kao et al’s book and the materials covered in the course thus far.

Entrepreneurship is defined as a wealth creation and value adding process that is in the interest of the individual and society (Kao, 2006). At first glance, it seems to be something that is beneficial on the whole. However, it appears to be not very well received by managers of corporations. In this paper I will seek to explore if it is true that ideas that are innovative and entrepreneurial is seen unfavorably by managers. Based on the materials covered by Kao’s book, it seems likely that managers are indeed trained to kill ideas that are innovative and entrepreneurial in nature. The Need for Entrepreneurial and Innovative Ideas

Gary Hamel mentioned in his speech that the time for incrementalism is over, and right now, corporations should compete based on business models and not mere products. This is closely related to another article on Corporate Entrepreneurship, which defines it as policy decisions to seek competitive advantage through innovation on a sustained basis (Mintzberg, 1983). Looking at what they have to say, it seems apparent that innovation and entrepreneurship can be beneficial to a company by allowing it to differ itself from the competition. Therefore, it seems counter intuitive that a manager would want to kill these ideas. In the following section we will seek to find out the reasons behind why this is so. Trained to Kill?

Do managers deliberately put down these ideas or is it a case of the managers being bounded by the circumstances? According to Kao, he mentions the main...
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