Entrepreneurial Leadership

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Entrepreneurial Leadership

By | April 2012
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Entrepreneurial Leadership

This paper aim at analyzing the concept of entrepreneurial leadership .Before starting our analysis, two important concepts need to be addressed: Leadership and Entrepreneurship. Leadership is directing or inspiring people to attain organizational goals (Boone and Kurtz, 2011). An entrepreneur is a person who seeks a profitable opportunity and takes the necessary risks to set up and operate a business (Boone and Kurtz, 2011). In the past 15 years researchers have tried to merge those two concepts into one concept Entrepreneurial Leadership .The common point of those researchers is that most defined some of the main elements of what they taught entrepreneurial leadership meant (Tarabishy, 2003). According to the research result of Ayman Tarabishy (2003) entrepreneurial leadership is one of an enterprising, transformational leader who operates in a dynamic market that offers lucrative opportunities. Entrepreneurial leaders are usually risk takers, driven, and can recognize when change will give an advantage. Entrepreneur leaders are engine of innovation, renewal, and job creation (Verheul, 2007). Entrepreneur leaders apply their talent in different situations and have different entrepreneurial approaches. Thesis Statement: In analyzing the importance of leading entrepreneurs to determine their entrepreneurial approaches one of each of the following categories will be addressed: (1) profit oriented, (2) social responsibility oriented; 3) personal approach and leadership style identified; and (4) tools available that would be the most useful to the type of business and entrepreneurial approach. 1.Analyze and describe the founding leader(s),leadership style , and major business principles of a profit oriented entrepreneurial approach in which the primary goal is to provide a product or service to consumers and to make a profit. ‘’ Entrepreneurs are risk takers, wiling to roll the dice with their...

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