Entrepreneurial Leadership

Topics: Leona Helmsley, Leadership, Marbletown, New York Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: July 11, 2012
Great careers are built on great leadership. At the end of your career-whether you retire as a CEO, a senior executive, a project manager, a department head or a team leader, it makes no difference- you will be remembered by the quality of your leadership.

Leona Helmsley, a self-made business woman who helped run the $5 billion New York real estate and hotel empire of her third husband before being convicted of federal income-tax evasion. Mrs. Helmsley’s lusts for media attention and her combative style earned her the tabloid nickname “The Queen of Mean.” (The New York Times). Leona Helmsley is and will always be remembered for her autocratic leadership style. An autocratic leader is a management approach whereby leaders make decisions on their own without consulting employees. They reach decisions, communicate them to subordinates, and expect prompt implementation of instructions. (Boone & Kurtz, 2011).

Leona Helmsley, born in 1920 in Marbletown, made the Helmsley hotel chain popular and is an excellent example of an autocratic leader in the corporate world. Her tyrannical behavior earned her; her nickname as she demanded perfection from everyone on her payroll, from regular employees up to the top managers and executives. She treated her employees and people in general like trash, garbage. Her autocratic style of leadership allowed her to become a billionaire hotel operator. An autocratic leadership style can increase productivity of employees and they will work harder when placed under tight control, but on the other hand the turnover rate is usually high. The autocratic leader seeks to dominate other people; more specifically employees and subordinates, which is a sign for an authoritarian personality. Autocratic leaders create their own reality and overcome resistance in order to achieve results. These leaders are straightforward and direct and are not sensitive to the feelings of others. They demand a lot from their subordinates and strive for...
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