Entrepreneur Identity Box

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Entrepreneur Identity Box

Some of the characteristics that others know that I have are, curious, persistent, determination, risk taker, and I’m independent. I’m curious because I want to know what goes on around the world, how things are made. I’m persistent because I don’t let someone’s negativity bring me down. I stick to my dreams. I’m independent because I like working by myself. I usually get distracted by others so I choose to work on my own. I’m also a risk taker because, I like taking risks by going one big, and fast roller coasters at wonderland. Also I’m a risk taker because, when I play a game like monopoly, and take risks by buying a lot of things and hoping to get something better in return. These are my characteristics for my Identity Box that others may know.

Some of the characteristics that I am working on are being, imaginative, goal-setting, perceptive, and being self-confident. I’m trying more to be a little imaginative because, I think to be a successful entrepreneur is to keep creating ideas constantly. Imaginative is a big part of being an entrepreneur. I’m not a goal setter because, I don’t set goals to do what I want to do, sometimes when I do set goals, and I usually don’t come through with it. I’m also not a perceptive person. I’m really great when it comes to fixing problems. I’m not that person that will look at a problem as a challenge because I’m really lazy. Last but not least, I am not self-confident. I need have more confident in myself and more confidence in the things I say. These are some of the characteristics that I am working on.

I don’t think I have the right stuff to be a successful entrepreneur because, I’m not that imaginative. Like I said in the second paragraph, being imaginative is a big part of being an entrepreneur. Another characteristic you need to be an entrepreneur is you need to set a goal and go for the goal, be perceptive. Being an entrepreneur you need to look at problems as challenges, think...
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