Entrance Nursing Essay

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Children pretend and use their imaginations to carry out their inner dreams. From playing doctor to wearing a firefighter’s hat as children we already have it set in our minds the roles we want to play in our adult lives. As a child I always had the desire to help people in need. If a friend fell while playing tag I would stop to help, when my younger siblings would cry I would always offer my candy and a hug. I learned that helping others made me feel good. It was something I loved. While becoming a woman I only embrace this love even more. Although I did not comprehend that these small gestures as a child would soon lead me into a path of nursing, I am truly aware that they have opened a place in my heart for a career as a nurse.

Over the years I have assimilated the remedy of caring and understanding the medical needs of various individuals. I now understand that medical needs are not just cured with medicine alone; but with care, nurture and support received during the recovery period. For example, if you treat someone as if they are sick and not reinsure him or her that they can possibly get better; that person will continue to feel sick and have no ambition in recovery. I understand through my own personal experience that nurses/caregivers/doctors can pave the way for a person to find a balance and harmony within the mind, body and soul; which would promote a greater amount of health in a person and a sense of serenity. I believe through my life changing experiences I can make a difference in the lives of those in need and also helping those recover from their ailments.

My first life changing experience was my first job at the age of 14. I received my working documents and had the privilege to work in the Admissions department at Metropolitan Hospital. The office was right outside the Emergency Room. I remember having front row seats to the different traumas that entered the hospital. The one experience that I will not forget was the time a...
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