Entrance Examination System

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We now live in a technologically advanced society. As modern technologies continue to evolve, traditional way of living is enhanced, making our lives easier and more convenient than ever before. One great example is the Internet. From reading daily newspapers to reading online news, from face-to-face teaching to online teaching and from taking paper and pencil type of exams to online exams. Every task that was once nearly impossible to perform is now possible through Internet and online web-based services.

Internet-based education is growing in number and in quality. It enables us to let learners more eager to study the subject, to easily share the world-wide instructive resources, to give students distance learning and conduct online examination at anywhere in the world. Online examinations have become a cost-effective and popular means of assessing student knowledge. An online question bank and examination system is a relatively new and rapidly expanding system. Most of the present systems were designed to grade students based on how well they have done on their examination. These systems were designed with the concept of traditional paper-based examination in mind.

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Online examinations, sometimes referred as E-Examinations, are the examinations conducted through the Internet or in an Intranet (if within the Organization) for a remote candidate(s). Most of the examinations issue results as the candidate finished the examination, when there is an answer processing module also included within the system.

These examinations are conducted as open book type examinations. Candidate is given a limited time to answer the questions and after the time expiry the answer paper is disabled automatically and answers is sent to the examiner. The examiner will evaluate answers, either through automated process or manually and the results will be...
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