Entrance Examination System

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Entrance Examination System

A Thesis Presented to The Faculty of Information Technology Department Informatics College, Northgate Campus

In Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements for the Degree Bachelor of Science in Information Technology/ Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Justine Paul D. De Villa
Joyce L. Galang

The Problem: Rationale and Background

Nowadays the number of school population is usually rising because of the rapid increase of students in our country. The Philippines is one of the countries with a huge population of students. Even the number of foreign students who have chosen to study here is extremely increasing, which leads to the need of computerization processes in schools, primarily with Entrance Examination system.

Entrance Examination system is very much needed in schools to satisfy scholastic needs of the students and make the school personnel’s work easier and faster in terms of filling the documents and assuring their security.

Today the ways are still evolving in greater heights. The information technology professionals tend to learn and discover more on how computers have given the advancement of society in this country and abroad.

Background of the Study
There are many schools that still use manual examination system, The Entrance Examination system, a tool for test administration, replaces the paper-and-pencil type of examination and enables speedy checking and scoring of the examinees’ answer data on different levels or types of examination. The system provides the advantage of generating test results to examinees within one hour. It is also capable of generating statistical reports of the test scores and other pertinent data about the examination. It was initially administered in July 1994. Under this system, the examinees read the test questions from a test booklet or printed questionnaire, but recorded their answers on the computer.

Statement of the Problem
The implementation of proposed Entrance Examination System for the School will ensure quality Entrance Examination System. Specifically to answer the following problems:
1. How does the system provide the score of the students in using Entrance Examination System?

2. How do the respondents perceive the proposed system in terms of the following.
2.1 Functionality
2.2 Security
2.3 Reliability
2.4 Usability
2.5 Efficiency
3. How do the respondents perceived the idea of having Entrance Examination System for the school?

Objectives of the Study
The proposed system is designed to upgrade the manual examination of the school, which will provide accurate and efficient services to the student and schools personnel. The main objectives of the proposed system are the following: 1. The Entrance Examination System will provide raw score after the exam. 2.To monitor the entrance exam and its answer keys.

3. The school will provide user authentication keys in order for the students to take the entrance exams.

Scope and Limitation
The scope of proposed Entrance Examination System for the school are the following: * Quick and retrieval of raw score
* Computation of raw score
* Each Computer will be networked to each other
* Generates print-out
* Name
* Raw Score
* Passed or not Passed

The School and its various transactions will not be included. Also the following: * The proposed system will only be used in schools.
* Income/Expenses of School will not be part of the proposed system. * Limited to multiple device item.
* The System has no capability to show the examiners mistakes and correct answer after the exam.

Significance of the Study
Some schools are still using manual examination during entrance exams which the security of confidential information of the students can be lost due to uncertain unwanted event.

But with the implementation of an Entrance Examination System all the problems...
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