Entrance Exam System

Topics: Competitive examination, School examinations, Education Pages: 1 (250 words) Published: May 1, 2013
In the earlier days admission to higher and professional studies was essentially based on the performance in the entrance examinations conducted annually by various Schools. The gradual degeneration of the conventional examination system manifested in frequent leakage of question papers, manipulation of marks, copying and use of unfair means by all involved (administration not ruled out). Entrance examinations have been devised by some reputed institutions to screen the large set of students coming from vastly different backgrounds for admission. In this reason, the researcher conducts a study on how to implement a system for the entrance examination. The research study will be focus on how to translate the manual system on entrance examination of the student. The Entrance examination system will be more faster, accurate and efficient than in a manual one. This system will accurately give a fast result where in the student will receive the result right after the examination. The Students Examination System uses manual system of facilitating the student’s examination rapid result. Primarily, this system shuffles the questions so that every examinee has a different sets of question therefore, there is no leakage or any form of cheating and fraud can be done. This system can hold 4000 of different questions that can be shuffle. Questions in this system can also change; it can also be deleted or add. This system also tend to give the result on the same day. It is convenience and time saving.
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