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1.1 Introduction
An information system describes how the people and information technology communicates and interacts with each other in the sense that users used this for their every transaction, to support business processes and the top manager’s decision-making. Traditionally, organizations in our country manage access, communicate and share information in a manual manner. Academic establishments like schools use various paper materials and pens to process the manual entrance examination. In this new era, there are institutions like TESDA using automated entrance examination system while other still depend on the manual procedures.

The Infant School of Holy Redeemer Academy (ISHRA) was continually improving in line with the Department of Education. It was founded in 2000 at #513 Family Village Subdivision Brgy. Sampiruhan, Calamba City,Laguna. The school, at the turn of the new millennium aims to develop the pre-school and the Grade school pupils in all its human dimensions such as social, physical, psychological and spiritual, so that their foundation in values necessary for development adequately addressed. In its encounter with the pupil, the school shall heighten the long learning action (ISHRA profile).

Regarding the entrance examination, is the first process in order to be enrollee in many schools, the ISHRA decides to have it automated for enhancing the resources of knowledge for the students. In ISHRA, the administrator serves also as the head of the Guidance office whom will decides if the examinee is qualified based on the requirements submitted. All the records will arrange and pile up by each year level. The result will be released three (3) days after taking the examination. Those who passed the exam will be secluded from the exam failures. The exam passers will pay their monthly fees in the cashier. It is a benefit for the school to have registrar and accounting departments that is combined, so that it will be easy to distribute files about the payments and records of students. The computerization of the process will lessen the manual services and hard work of the staffs.

Computers today are known being an amazing machine. The fact that it plays a role in nearly all aspect of man’s lives. It is a tool which can help people to execute different tasks in an easy way. Computer is independent regarding communication, information management, and resource and time management. The proponents will used this technology to design and develop our proposed system entitled “A Network-Based Entrance Examination for the Secondary Department of the Infant School of Holy Redeemer Academy”. The computerization of the entrance exam for the ISHRA is an improvement because the school has the adequate computers to accompany necessities of the students and teachers. The manual procedure requires that the Academic Staff are the ones to administer the current entrance exam and is also responsible in releasing the exam papers, assist the examinees and there should have instructors in every rooms. Every examinee is required to bring pencil, eraser and folder.

Processing the manual entrance examination takes time and effort in organizing the records of the examinees and checking the exams. The administrator of the ISHRA is the one who exerts the most effort since in constructing the exam questionnaires for each year level. This takes rigid time also in photocopying the examination to produce more copies of exam papers. There are also instances that the files will be disordered that the staffs were confused and lost files can be the outcome. The school’s problem in administering the entrance examination for applicants is the main reason why the proponents decided for its computerization. It would help the school to improve the process to obtain superior sufficiency for the ISHRA. The proposed system will provide the communication between three (3) departments such as the...
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