Entrance Exam

Topics: Entrance examination, User, Competitive examination Pages: 18 (2692 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Virgen Milagrosa University Fondation
San Carlos City, Pangasinan
College Of Computer Science
SY (2012-2013)
Entrance examination
System of

Julius Eric S. Tuliao CS II-B
Arnel Soriano CS II-B
Kenneth Gatpo CS II-B

Data Dictionary
Database Name : StudInfo
Table Name: Table StudInfo

Field NameData TypeField SizeDescription
ID NumberAutonumberLong IntegerRefers to the ID number of the examinee. NameText28Refers to the name of the examinee.
AddressText30Refers to the address of the examinee
AgeText15Refers to the age of the examinee.
GenderText6Refers to the gender of the examinee.
StatusText10Refers to the civil status of the examinee
ReligionText25Refers to the religious belief of the examinee Contact NumberNumberLong IntegerRefers to the contact number of the examinee. No. Of CorrectNumberLong IntegerRefers to the number of correct answers of the examinee. Scholarship DiscountText5Refers to the equivalent scholarship discount of the number correct answers of the examinee. CourseText10Refers to the preferred course of the examinee.

Table Name: Admin
Field NameData TypeField SizeDescription
ID NumberAutonumberLong IntegerRefers To the ID number of the administrator UsernameText25Refers to the username of the administrator PasswordText25Refers to the password of the student


When the user run the system a progressbar will appear when the progressbar is full a message box will be displayed that says that loading is complete.

After Clicking the ok button in the message box the homepage will appear.

The user will see that at the menu bar there is a File, Help, and Exit menus. The menu File contains the submenus: Administrator and Examinee Under the Help menu is the submenus: About the programmer and about the system which contains the information abut we the programmers and the system. The exit menu allows the user to exit the system but before the user could exit the system a message box will be shown in which he will be ask to confirm exit.

This login form will appear once you click the submenu administrator under the File menu. It will then ask the user to enter his/her password and username.
After the user enters the correct username and password the administrator form will appear which has four different menus namely: File, Account, View, and Report. The File menu contains the submenu logout which is used to exit the administrator form. The Account menu contains the new account.

The View menu contains the View All submenu which allows the user to view all the enlisted information about the examinees. The Report Menu contain the submenus: View All, 100% discount, 75% discount, 50% discount, 25% discount and 0% discount. These submenus allows the user to have a printable copy of the examinees information and he could also choose among the different classification of the examinee who already took the examination.

In this form you could add new account that will allow you to have access to the administrator form.
This is the form that shows the enlisted information of the examinees who already took up the examination. It allows the user to edit the information of the examinee (except the number of correct and the scholarship discount) and save it to the database. The user could also delete not needed records. The user could also move from one information to another just by clicking the next, previous, first and last buttons.

This form is the about the system form it states the function of our system and other information about the system.
This is the about the programmers form it allows the user to browse the information of the programmer of his/her choice by clicking the buttons whose captions corresponds to the name of the programmer.

This is the information about one of the programmers of this system Arnel...
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