Entj Personality

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The ENTJ Report
My personality type is ENTJ. Each letter has its own characteristic within my personality type. The E stands for Extraversion, N for Intuition, T for Thinking, and J for Judging. People with ENTJ personality types are natural born leaders. They like to take charge and direct people whenever they can. They’re self confident and career focused so they naturally fit in with the corporate world. Their strengths include being highly self confident, strategic thinkers, energetic, very efficient, strong willed and having excellent verbal communication skills. Some of an ENTJ’s weaknesses are impatience, poor handling of their own and other people’s emotions, intolerance, and stubbornness. Interestingly I found that Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harrison Ford and even Jim Carrey are ENTJ’s, but only 4% of the total population has this personality. What really stands out to me is that people with this type of personality are born leaders, they know how to inspire people to follow with their ideas, but what they don’t know is how to effectively read and work with other people’s emotions which seems like something they should know how to do if they are leading others.

When I first found out my personality type and researched it I was pretty surprised with the results. Most of what is described about an ENTJ fits my personality exactly, like how an ENTJ’s primary mode of living is focused externally, where they deal with things rationally and logically and their secondary mode is internal, where they take things in primarily through their intuition. Something that surprised me though was the part about how ENTJ’s are natural born leaders. I’ve never really considered myself as a leader, but then I begin to evaluate myself and realized that I like taking charge of people and directing them in order for the task to get done efficiently and effectively. Another strength that I can relate to is being a strategic thinker as well as being very...
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