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  • Published : December 7, 2012
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My group for Economics was given 96 acres for potential entities for Matildaville and we chose The Matildaville Community College, The Matildaville Sluggers, and The Youth Center and Skateboard Park because these entities include beneficial aspects for the community within the high income individuals along with the middle class families.

The Matildaville Community College will not only provide education amongst students and adults but also provide job opportunities for teachers, administration, and faculty. A community college will ultimately result into the community having a variety of well-trained labor force. Students and/or adults will have the opportunity of being educated, which is the basis of the labor force itself. Because there will be a variety of subjects and units provided, it will truly increase one’s human capital. The two year college degrees provided in nursing, auto mechanics, and computer technology will generate a great amount of job opportunities of the citizens of Matildaville. The community college itself is said to attract new businesses to Matildaville, along with helping the existing businesses expand their labor pool. Although, building a community college does have its costs. Because constructing a college is quite expensive, it’ll require initial cash outlays for buildings, equipment, and staffing. The city of Matildaville public debt will increase with issuance of bonds as well. A community college itself has its expenses, but because education is the basis of life, it is quite essential to those who are willing to achieve their goals in the work force to overall sustain a balance income in the needs of surviving. A promise made by the Mayor of Matildaville in bringing a professional baseball team to the community for we have plans on constructing this 18 acre stadium for the luxury and pride it will bring forth. Unlike other businesses, a baseball stadium will create job opportunities for skilled citizens, along with revenue...
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