Enthalpy Change of Cumbustion of Calcium Carbonates

Topics: Calcium carbonate, Thermodynamics, Hydrogen Pages: 3 (563 words) Published: June 16, 2008
2.54g of Caco3
2.53g of Cao
2.0 mol dm-3 hydrochloric acid
50cm3 measuring cylinder
Polystyrene cup
Weighing bottle
I.I will weigh a weighing bottle containing 2.53g of calcium carbonate II.Using a measuring cylinder of 50cm3 I will measure 50cm3 of 2mol dm-3 of hydrochloric acid then pour it into a polystyrene cup III.I will measure the initial temperature of the acid using a measuring cylinder, and then I will add the calcium carbonate to the acid. I will carefully stir the mixture in the cup with the thermometer and then take the final temperature reading when the reaction is complete. IV.The weigh the weighing bottle again.

V.Repeat this instruction using Calcium Oxide. Record data on appropriate table Risk assessment
Hazard Nature of Hazard Precaution Calcium oxidecorrosive Be careful when adding CaO into HCl acid, avoid skin contact. Wear safety goggles. Hydrochloric acidirritantBe careful when measuring the volume of acid required for the reactions . Wear safety goggles


Mass of calcium carbonate + weighing bottle 14.37g
Mass of empty weighing bottle 11.84g
Mass of calcium carbonate used 2.53g
Initial temperature of the acid 22oC
Temperature of the solution when the reaction is complete 26 oC Temperature change of the reaction 4 oC
Mass of calcium oxide + weighing bottle 13.44g
Mass of empty weighing bottle 10.90g
Mass of calcium oxide used 2.54g
Initial temperature of the acid 23 oC
Temperature of the solution when the reaction is complete 40 oC Temperature change during the reaction 17 oC

To calculate the energy change of the reaction between calcium carbonate and hydrochloric acid I will assume that HCl has the same density 1gcm-3 and same specific heat capacity as water-...
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