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AustralianEntertainment Industry procedure guide

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The Employer Guide to Occupational Health and Safety has been developed by the Australian Entertainment Industry Association and Project Consultant, Mary Thomann, Risk Management Executive, Adelaide Festival Centre Trust.

Assistance and funding for this publication has been provided by WorkCover NSW through the WorkCover Assist Legislative Assistance Program. Any views expressed are not necessarily those of WorkCover NSW.

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First Version – September 2004

This publication contains information regarding occupational health safety and welfare, injury management and workers compensation. It includes some of the obligations under legislation however, to ensure that you comply with all relevant legislative requirements, reference must be made to the relevant acts and regulations.



What are Industry Standards?
Industry Standards are developed by specific industry groups and usually provide practical advice and guidelines for controlling hazards and risks within a particular industry. This publication, An Employers’ Guide to Occupational Health and Safety in the Entertainment Industry is an Industry Standard and has been developed to provide employers and employees in the Entertainment Industry in New South Wales with an understanding of their legal responsibilities under Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) legislation and to provide practical guidance on how to manage risks to the health and safety of persons working in the industry and to members of the public who could be affected by entertainment activities.

This Employers’ Guide to Occupational Health and Safety in the Entertainment Industry seeks to provide guidance to those within the industry and is aimed at ensuring the health and safety of both industry employees and those associated with the industry operations. This Industry Standard is not enforceable by law, however it aims to achieve the same if not a better result than general national standards and Codes of Practice. Whilst these guidelines have predominantly been developed for employers in New South Wales, employers in other states may find them useful. It should be noted that reference to legislative requirements in the document relate to New South Wales. Employers from other states using the guidelines must check their local legislative provisions. Whilst there is some commonality in legislative provisions in Australia, there are some substantial differences.

The Industry intends, after a suitable period of assessment of the impact of this guide, to seek approval of the document as an Approved Code of Practice and to have the guidelines adopted in other Australian states and territories.



This guide has been developed to assist people in the entertainment industry achieve the highest possible standard of health and safety in the work they perform. The principal objective is to assist people in the entertainment industry in New South Wales to apply the principles of risk management and consultation contained in occupational health, safety and welfare legislation, particularly the regulations. In providing these basic standards and safety measures it is hoped to encourage a consistent approach while leaving scope for flexibility, taking into account the size and the nature of the entertainment activity. It is recognised that each event will be different and will require different configurations of different elements, management systems, and provisions.

This Industry Guide has been developed in consultation with employers and...
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