Entertainment Before T.V. Was Invented

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  • Published : May 30, 2012
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Last summer vacations my parents took my television away from my room because I was spending more than 4 hours watching T.V. on my bed every day and did not obeyed to turn it off. That was a big problem for me because I had nothing else to do my Wii console was not working. I couldn’t play or watch any videos in the internet because my parents do not allow me to use the internet unless it is for homework. I felt so bored.

After few days I was so angry with my parents. But in some ways, it was good that they took away my television because one day I was sitting talking with my parents and they told me there were so many things to do to have fun besides television and they taught me some games like puzzles, they also taught me how to make toys manually and listen to stories by radio. Then they told me “What do you think the entertainment was before television was invented?”

“What was the entertainment before the television was invented?” I asked. I went out to search for more information. I asked my old relatives and searched in the internet about entertainment before the invention of television.

I learned that before the invention of television, commercial radio broadcasts not only aired music and news as they do today, but also dramas, comedies, variety shows, and other forms of entertainment. Families would gather around the radio listening to their favorite programs or waiting to see who was going to be elected president that year.

Before the invention of radio and television, people used to get their news entirely from newspapers. While news came from newspapers, people were entertained by stories from books and published periodicals. For those who did not know how to read especially for children, 'home entertainment' meant gathering around while parents and older siblings read aloud from books.

Before there was the printing press, news traveled by word of mouth and so did stories. In the evenings, people would...
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