Entertaiment Youth Club

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entertaiment youth club

I.Executive Summary

This marketing plan was designed for a entertainment club , which is a small, cozy, family owned club specializing in authentic and traditional acoustic jazz music. In addition to the music and the upscale atmosphere, youth club’s offers a wide selection of alcoholic beverages and appetizers.

This plan outlines in the following pages, a renewed vision and strategic focus of what it will take to run a successful and profitable entertainment youth club’s is one of the only clubs in the KL area to consistently offer "live" music six nights a week, which gives it a competitive advantage and leaves plenty of room for it to grow in this relatively small market. youth club’s strategic decision to locate the business in downtown Cocoa Village is also a real asset to the marketing mix.

A careful evaluation of the weekly customer flow and entertainment schedule served as the foundation for this analysis and the following marketing plan. The demographics of the target markets are somewhat varied and the customer attendance is unpredictable, but research indicates that jazz club clientele are extremely loyal. The plan focuses on youth club 's future growth strategy in: media advertising, increasing public awareness, developing and maintaining customer loyalty, improving the acoustic and functional design of the interior, maximizing future profits by promoting the club within its specific niche market, and emphasizing the music club's superiority in the live entertainment music market. Because youth club’s promotional budget is rather limited, free exposure like press releases and emails will be sent out on a regular basis to announce the entertainment schedule and cooperative advertising will be pursued for all future print media. A part-time marketing director will be hired to assist the owners with creating ad layout and content, as well as helping with public relations.

Because youth club’s has relatively weak marketing and financial resources, it has relied heavily on extensive word-of-mouth advertising. Fortunately, this approach has helped to achieve a limited degree of success thus far in the club’s existence, but this method will not achieve the type of profit margin the owners are hoping to obtain or sustain any type of business for very long. In the meantime, the employees will have to make a major effort to ensure that once they gain new customers, that they don’t lose them by consistently delivering quality products and services at competitive prices. To obtain repeat business from loyal customers, youth club’s must work hard to establish long-term relationships with its clientele. The most similar competing club has been around for 5 years and been highly successful using this approach.

II.Environmental Analysis

Founded as a specialty music youth club 's opened for business on December 16, 2004. youth club 's principal manager, one man, owns the club with his wife and the. As acting manager, he has permission to use his discretion for expenditures under $1,000, but must consult with the other owners for larger purchases. After an extensive construction and planning phase, the owners have successfully transformed the 1,100 square foot 2nd story space above Bello Mundo into a cozy nightclub with character.

A.The Marketing Environment

1.Competitive Forces

The competition in the club and lounge industries is rather weak on a local basis in Brevard County, but somewhat stronger on a regional and national basis. There are currently twenty-two night clubs listed in the BellSouth yellow pages for the city, but only one of those other clubs offers weekly live jazz entertainment. This void gives youth club’s a natural competitive advantage. However, taking the music and the entertainment out of the equation, the local bar competition is much stronger, as there are numerous lounges, bars, and pubs...
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