Enterprise-Wide Bpr for a Leading Indian Automanufacturer

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  • Published : November 30, 2011
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Consulting and Enterprise Solutions

Case Study

Enterprise-wide BPR for a leading Indian auto manufacturer
Business Challenge
The client, a leading Indian automobile manufacturer of multi-utility vehicles and light commercial vehicles (LCVs), had plants in four locations, an extensive supplier base and a distribution and service network across India. For decades, the client dominated its market. Of late, however, it has battled substantial competition in several product categories. The client was concerned that its dominance would wane due to globalization, entry of foreign companies, import of pr-used vehicles under World Trade Organization (WTO) mandates, and more stringent emission, noise and safety norms. The client engaged Mahindra Satyam to analyze emerging scenarios and create a five-year plan.

Mahindra Satyam’s Solution
Mahindra Satyam outlined three broad phases the client would undergo during a Business Process Reengineering (BPR) program. They were: • Long-term Business Strategy: Mahindra Satyam helped the company identify suitable business opportunities and craft strategies to capitalize on them, enabling it to achieve its business objectives, despite mounting competition. • Process-Centric Enterprise (PCE) Phase I – Preparation: Mahindra Satyam created a plan for the client to migrate into a Process-Centric Organization. • Process-Centric Enterprise PCE) Phase II – Transformation: Mahindra Satyam helped the client become a PCE by redesigning key business processes. As part of the long-term business strategy, Mahindra Satyam recommended to the client to establish new lines of business to mitigate risk. It also suggested that the client leverage its current capabilities in new markets. Mahindra Satyam then assessed the client’s business functions and reconceived them as key business processes. Senior managers were made responsible for the end-to-end performance of these business processes. Later, fixed process goals, derived from the...
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