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table of contents
1.0 The entrepreneur4
1.1 The motivation for starting the business4
1.2 Forejustin Passman’s character traits5
1.3 MR Passman’s personality type5
1.4 Decision making and leadership style6
1.5 Leadership style6
1.6 Mr Forejustin Passman’s role within the business7
1.7 Entrepreneurial networking8
1.8 Innovation9
2.0 The enterprise11
2.1 Business strategy11
2.2 E-business13
2.3 Organisational culture14
2.4 Critical success factors of his business15
2.5 Conclusion17

the report consists analysis of the enterprise strategy of a company named Group Little with the particulars of analysis being its organisational structure, innovation and its critical success factors. It also discusses entrepreneurial networks of the entrepreneur Mr Forejustin Passman, his personality and character traits and his decision-making style and how they influence strategy formulation. With application of academic models, the business case is explored to bring necessary illumination on the different titles.

Group Little is in retailing e-business; the company sells gadgets and accessories. Based in Gerald Estates, Francistown it has only six employees. The sector this business trades in is highly turbulent; this is so because it is nearly impossible to undertake formal predictions on the electronic trends because technologies used are constantly changing. This type of business structure that is E-business is more common in the developed countries than in third class countries; to sell products customers in the comfort of their homes is widespread in these countries, so Forejustin Passman the founder and general manager plans to make widespread this type of business even in a developing country, Botswana.

1.0 THE entrepreneur

1.1 The motivation for starting the business
Pull factors are exploiting opportunity and a financial incentive whilst the push factor that led him to open the business was threat of unemployment.
The pull factors
He was pulled into this business because he wanted to exploit an opportunity to sell gadgets such as tablets i.e. Apple’s Ipads, Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes &Nobles’ the nook. Consequently he decided to open Group Little, a predominantly virtual company, having little physical presence and high internet presence. After a market research he realised that most gadget stores in Botswana undermine internet trading and he decided to exploit this opportunity. Citing most gadget stores are set up according to a strategy and are purposely designed to make customer experience as pleasant as possible but their websites normally do not have a similar strategy applied to them, as the sites are normally a glorified business card that does not engage visitors and in some cases even harm the business image. Mr Passman was also pulled to gain financial incentive he paid meticulous attention to primary research in order to weigh the benefits, the cost and opportunities of his approach.

The push factors
The threat of unemployment is the only push factor that influenced Forejustin to start his business. At age 18 he performed poorly in his A-level results which caused him to fail to pursue a business degree at university, other than compromising and pursuing other degree programmes that he lacked interest in he decided to re-sit some examinations. Whilst in wait for examination results he did not want to be considered to be part of the unemployed so he started his company Group Little.

1.2 Forejustin Passman’s character traits
Proactive- he is one of the few people who do not believe in luck, he seeks after opportunities other than wait for them to present themselves to him. He is also quick and decisive, when faced with the dilemma of...
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