Enterprise Resource Process: Erp and Sap Future

Topics: SAP AG, Enterprise resource planning, Application software Pages: 8 (2408 words) Published: May 29, 2008
SAP Background
SAP is in the enterprise resource process analysis market. Enterprise resource process analysis is “an integrated information system that serves all departments within an enterprise. ERP evolved out of the manufacturing industry. It implies the use of packaged software rather than proprietary software written by or for one customer. 1 Systems Applications and Products (SAP) is well-respected and considered the industry leader in ERP. SAP was developed in 1972 by five engineers in Mannheim, Germany. They had a distinct vision to develop standard application software for real-time business processing. The company started with developing a financial accounting system called the “R/1 system”. After about a decade, SAP came out with their second release SAP R/2 after in-depth examination of their IBM database.

The next major stage the company takes is the release of their third version of their enterprise software. The release of SAP R/3 brought several new capabilities to the marketplace. They updated the client/server concept, created a uniform GUI interface, used relational databases more consistently, and gave their system the ability to run on computers from different vendors. With their R/3 version, SAP capitalized on the client/server architecture that is still widely considered the standard in business software. Another milestone SAP accomplished in the 90’s is establishing 50% of sales outside of Germany. By 1996, SAP R/3 has established a client base of 1,089 customers and installed more than 9,000 systems worldwide. In 1997, they celebrated their 25th anniversary and were employing almost 13,000 employees located all over the world. The business model kept growing, strengthening their industry focus and developing more industry-specific solutions.

In the new millennium, SAP experienced great growth due to the development of the Internet and Ecommerce. Recently, more than 12 million users work each day with different SAP system offerings. 121,000 applications have been installed and implemented worldwide. SAP has developed over 1,500 partnerships, created more than 25 industry-specific business solutions, and has a client base of more than 41,000 in 120 countries. As of late, they are the third largest independent software vendor in the world.2 Current Products

SAP established early on that platform strategy and partnerships were vital to its business. The ecosystem that they have created drives the incorporation of enterprise service-oriented architecture. They stress co-innovation between the company, clients and partners and attempt to bring forth value for all parties involved. SAP focuses itself on collaboration. They achieve high levels of collaboration with leveraging their industry knowledge and with the help of their partners and the SAP NetWeaver platform. Through the years they have been able to take revolutionary ideas and turn them in to innovative solutions for customers.

This partnership network is made available by the SAP NetWeaver platform. SAP NetWeaver is the latest advancement in the MySAP Technology. NetWeaver is updated by a community that comprises of over 2,000 independent software vendors. This network continues to grow. The developers within these vendors build software for the NetWeaver platform. Net Weaver in simple words is an application and Integration platform in which Web Services play a major role and which is open for Non-SAP applications and platform. It is used by organizations to improve productivity and enhance efficiency by making all the resources that are available in an enterprise to work collectively. In addition, it enables customers to use the already existing systems without putting in much investment.3 NetWeaver Advantages

One of the key features of NetWeaver is flexibility. Enhanced flexibility actually refers to the flexibility of SAP NetWeaver focused on the existing business system in any company. It provides a...
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