Enterprise Resource Planning

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24th September 2012 – 19th December 2012. Synopsis to be Submitted by- On or Before 5th OCTOBER 04:00PM Date Of FINAL Submission 22th November 2012 Time By 4:00pm.

Trimester – 2

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Select a Company/Industry. Find out the ERP Package used by the company. The total time taken by the company to install the ERP System. The Challenges Faced By them before/during/after the implementation. The Reason for choosing the ERP System. The Money spent on the implementation. The Out put after the implementation. If you were to choose an ERP for that company which one would you choose and Why ?

The Synopsis should have
◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ Problems Introductions Objectives Methodology Expected Contributions and out come Limitations (to get the exact data from the company but try and extract as much information as possible)

Stage I : Pre-implementation Stage  Stage II: Implementation Stage  Stage III: Post Implementation Stage. ----------------------------------------------------1. Each Team Has to submit a detailed project report of not exceeding 10 pages. 2. Each Team need to submit their Presentations along with the report. 

Each Co. and their working would be unique so do not try to copy from your fellows projects

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Download free/open source ERP package Create a dummy company and generate database. The ERP model should work end to end Submit max of 4 page project report along.

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Most of the companies already have an ERP Systems in place. They might have combination of multiple ERP System. It can be any type of company. You can find out the process company did before selecting the ERP. It may help you to make decision. There may be a company you selected might have story of failure implementation during the first attempt. You can choose the same set of ERP but make sure you need to support your decision.

Technology is an enabler, not the driver.

(it is there to assist the...
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