Enterprise Case Study

Topics: Human resource management, Human resources, Management Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Enterprise has become the most profitable car rental company in the United States because of the exceptional customer service they provide. They have been the front runner for a very long time and with the current approach they are implementing, they can maintain this for years to come. The human resources management is what sets them apart from the rest of their competition. One thing that changes the way their employees perform on a daily basis is the way their employees are paid based upon customer service. Giving your employees compensation for superior service ensures the best possible experience for the customer regardless of what mood the employee may be in. The Enterprise Service Quality Index is an effective way to monitor the customers in store experience and correspondingly gives personnel recognition for the astounding/unacceptable performance. When constantly showing your employees exactly what customers think of them, it exposes many weaknesses that may exist and can help inspire personnel to go beyond what is currently expected. Promoting only current employees to top level management is another successful idea that enterprise enforces. This guarantees to get the maximum potential out of every employee by showing that hard work does pay off. Employees that are self-motivated will be drawn to a company that has a record of exponential advancement. Enterprise knew the kind of employees this type of program would attract therefore making the human resource management program a success. There are minimal flaws in this program given the fact that it has been revised over the years. One problem that may exist comes from the internal promotion strategy. Top managers may not be qualified to oversee a number of branches but was promoted on the fact that customer service was superb. Overall I believe Enterprise has a brilliant concept of what components are necessary for a successful Human Resource Management Strategy.

Enterprise gives college students...
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