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  • Published: April 21, 2013
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1. Introduction
This assignment will describe and present a small business plan for the start of the food and beverage industry through business planning. According to Rue and Ibrahim (1998), a small company must provide a written plan and according to their study, small firms need at least 15 employees in the commencement of operations. However, for Perry (2001), small firms do not have to provide a comprehensive written business, because small businesses easily manage. One group of state business said planning framework essential for successful business in small firms, (eg, Shane and Delmar, 2004). This company will start operation on 1 January 2013. SHAHAYATIE Enterprise is name for this company, and that CEO owner is Mohd Shahrul Nizam. This company will come out the new idea in food industry and beverage industry that is Coconut Snazzy Ding Drink. These products are from manufacture by local fruit that has quality and advantages to health of someone. The target costumer based on the segmentation group demography and socio cultural factors. 2. Executive Summary

Executive summary are the first of main section and list summary about the history, company objectives and financial information about company. By (Arkebauer, 1995) wrote in the executive summary in two or three long about business. According to the theory maker, Cyert and March (1963), Janis and Mann, (1977) there are three sets of hypotheses in the detailed planning of the marketing plan, investigate and formulate a plan. SHAHAYATIE Enterprise is manufacturing business of food industry in Malaysia country. This company will started operation on 1st January 2013. The located headquarters and branches located KENINGAU city, SABAH. It houses company having among other stockyard, process manufactures, manufacture plan, warehouse and R&D office. This company will produce product food industry like Coconut Snazzy Ding Drink. The types of product that come out are...
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