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1. Who are Enterprise Rent-A-Car customers?
The main customers are who need a replacement vehicle because of an accident, repair or theft. Or just to rent a car to sightsee country and to get around. All customers are those who rent a car within a company . 2. What is human capital?

The set of skills which an employee learn on the job, through training and experience, and which increase that employee's value in the marketplace.

3. Distinguish between market orientated and service orientated. Service orientated strategy describes a new model for companies to drive customer value by focusing on your customers’ success. A market orientated product is which has been created especially for the customer which focuses on the consumer and views that profit maximization is done by conforming to consumer's needs, but a service orientated product is where the organisation works on its customer’s needs .

4. What is the difference between job description and job specification? Job descriptions describe the job and not the individual who fills the job. They are the result of job analysis within a given organization and are essential to the selection and evaluation of employees. Job advertisements or postings are based on the job description. Job Specification is an analysis of the kind of person it takes to do the job, that is to say, it lists the qualifications. Normally, this would include is an analysis of the kind of person it takes to do the job, that is to say, it lists the qualifications. 5. Why is it important for Enterprise Rent-A-Car to do workforce planning? Its important to do workforce planning because of possible staff changes in the future. If for example business may grow into new markets or need to replace staff who retire and all the other changes in labour market may effect business by shortages of skills or too many skills in one area. 6. In the first...
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