Enrolment System of Psu - Lingayen

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1. Background of the Study
Computers are almost indispensable to most industries especially if it deals with voluminous records. Hence, in most academic institutions, the use of computers is an immense help in managing records and files. With the volume of files such as those from students’ records, finances, inventories, and others needed for its operation , the use of computer has made tasks simpler, faster and more efficient. Although most schools here in the Philippines have their computers, its functions are not fully maximized. Many still rely on the manual system of storing and retrieving files, thus in turn, make work laborious, time consuming, less efficient and requiring more manpower. The Pangasinan State University- Lingayen Campus currently uses the manual system of enrollment. For years, this system has been employed and has indeed been a tedious process on the part of the students as well as the staff in charged of enrollment. This entails the long process of filling up forms in three copies (student copy, accounts copy and registrar’s copy), class scheduling, assessment of fees, and issuance of student records.

The continued adoption of this usual manual enrollment system has caused numerous errors, unnecessary delays, and has ultimately made the entire enrollment system a slow process to contend considering the influx of students each year.

The design, development and implementation of EnrollmentAutomate: Pangasinan State University Computerized Enrollment System is introduced to address this long-standing slow process of enrollment.

2. Objectives of the Study
This project study aims to design, develop and implement EnrollmentAutomate: Pangasinan State University Lingayen Campus Computerized Enrollment System. Specifically, the following statements will determine and describe: 1) the processes involved in the present system;

2) the situation regarded as unwelcome and needing to be dealt with and overcome; 3) a computerized solution to improve the current situation, taking into the account the task, purpose or specific activities as claimed by (a) registrar; (b) department heads; (c) campus executive officer.

3. Scopes and Delimitation
The EnrollmentAutomate will be used by the Departments heads or the officer – in – charge for registration or assessing students during the enrollment period. It includes the enrolling of students, browsing of offered subjects, viewing the schedule and printing of the registration form where enrollment fees are included. In addition, some features which allows student to scan registration form, students enrolled, offered subject, schedule viewer, printing queue are included.

4. Significance of the Study
The EnrollmentAutomate will give the Pangasinan State University-Lingayen Campus a better and well-organized flow of enrollment system. It will also make the work of the personnel in charge easy, fast, reliable cost and time efficient. Personnel. An increase productivity and minimized workload to be able to meet the other needs of the students. Students. An assurance for fast and accurate services provided by the university.

5. Definition of Terms
Automate. It refers to the process of using technology to execute a task with less human action. Campus Executive Officer or Department Head. This is the person responsible for the admission of new enrollees, transferees, shifters and second – course enrollees. Enrollment. This refers to an act of recording the person’s information to the official record of Pangasinan State University. EnrollmentAutomate. It refers to the proposed computerized enrollment system for Pangasinan State University Lingayen Campus. Information. This refers to the collection of related data. Technology. It refers to the tools, machines, and instrument that can help people execute their task efficiently and effectively.

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