Enrollment System for High School

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An ambition nurtured through the year has finally been fulfilled, this “program”. The realization of this ambition is attributed to their family and especially to the almighty God for his countless blessings bestowed on the group.

For the unlimited guidance and being always in their side Mr. Romel P. Dagami for with him this priceless endeavor would have never come into fruition.

To their classmates in CS 223 who shared their knowledge for the success of this system.

Their family for their continued encouragement, financial and moral support and prayers. With this system a dream is now a reality. We share the joy and pride.

To everyone who helped us in making this program, thank you.

Table of Contents


Table of Contentsiii

Chapter I

Introduction Payroll1


Statement of the Problem6

Theoretical Framework8

Conceptual Framework10

Significance of the Study12

Scope and Delimitation14

Definition of Terms15

Chapter II

Project Rationale19

Project Objective20

Project Description21

Constraints of the System and Project21

Project Team Organization23

Project Team Description24

Estimated time and Date25

Pert Chart26

Gantt Chart27

Data Flow Diagram28

System Flow Chart29

Program Flow Chart30

Program Output39


Visual Table of contents62

Input Process Output Chart63

MDB Structure63

Chapter III


Appendix A (User’s Manual)66

Appendix B (Guidelines in accessing the system)69

Appendix C (Curriculum Vitae)79

Chapter I


Not so long ago, all payrolls used to be calculated manually, without any help from a computer. Professional accountants invested a lot of time and energy into keeping track of all employee data, files and information, calculating monthly salaries, hourly remunerations, bonuses, sick leaves, benefits, taxes, deductions and so on. And they did this all by keeping numerous files filled with track records for each and every person employed. Nowadays, however, thing are far more simple than they used to be. Because technology is always dedicated to make things easier and better, quite a wide variety of computerized payroll systems is available to save us from this tedious task. Now, instead of keeping dozens of files and spending endless hours calculating, all you have to do is get a payroll software system and let it do all the nasty work. So, manual vs. computerized payroll system? It really bares no comparison. A manual payroll system means doing everything by hand, while a computerized one will enable its users to store unlimited data, keeping track of everything. While with a manual payroll system you'd have to keep track of all employees' time by hand, with payroll software you can automatically transfer all punches or swipes directly into the system, which will store them instantly. It can even separate regular work hours from overtime, and calculate the different remunerations according to set parameters. And if human error sneaks in even with the most organized manual payroll system, computerized payroll software will provide accurate calculations regardless of the amount of data stored. The computerized payroll software systems save time and money, they're very easy to use and they're also very practical. There are several different types of payroll software systems, with various features, functions or advantages. And of course, the price will also vary according to the type of software. All programs, however, include essential features for storing employee information, files and track records, and will enable authorized users to enter, view or change information anytime. Basic features include paycheck processing, direct deposit options, payroll reports, tax reports, deductions, quarterly and annual ware reports and many others. Moreover,...
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