Enrollment System Chapter 1

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At present, people experience and do a lot of work to accomplish certain tasks with less time. Computerized systems have made manual labor easier and more efficient. These computer software applications are developed to provide excellent results. Through the use of computers, the business becomes more competitive and software systems are developed to enhance its potential.

Information system is classified into two: manually or non-computerized system, where all the information is written and stored in different files; automatically or also known as computer based information system (CBIS). Non-computerized system is ineffective due to the fact that it consumes a lot of time to find and revise information. To solve this problem, a new system is formed which is known as the computerized system or CBIS.

System development life cycle (SDLC) is a set of independent items that work together to perform a task. The system analyst is responsible for the design of the new system and application. SDLC consists of steps which are, Analysis (problems), Design (how the system flows), Coding (programming language to be used), Testing (performance of the system), Implementation (delivery), Maintenance (enhancements), Evaluation (user-friendly) and Documentation (technical and manual users).

Use of Local Area Network: Local Area Network (LAN) is used to bind a series of computers within a structured network inside a local workplace. Filescan be stored on a central computer allowing the data to be shared throughout an organization. Networks also allow security to be established, ensuring that the network users may only have access to certain files and applications. It makes use of communication lines to connect with other computers in this way; users can access their files from any workstation. A local area network may serve as few as two to three users or as many as thousands of users. The Pleasant Mount School (PMS) is dedicated to giving appropriate and excellent education to its students. During the years the number of students who wish to enroll in their organization is increasing, but since they are using a manual system it has been difficult for them to manage enrollment due to the hustle of students to be enrolled. As a result, the proponents have decided to convert their manual enrollment system into a computerized one. A computerized enrollment system would be suitable for a school such as PMS. Information manipulation would be easier in the sense that entering, editing, saving and updating a student’s record would be simple. Storing of information would be effortless since it would be saved in the database of the system and use of folders and drawers would be less. Records would be more secured because of the access levels of the system. If utilized altogether, then this will greatly improve the enrollment scheme in PMS. Transactions would be less time consuming and accommodation of enrollees would be quicker.  

Background of the Study
The Pleasant Mount School was established by Mrs. Celia C. Sangalang in year 1982, in their residence’s garage located at #16 Pleasant St., Virginia Summerville Subd., Mayamot, Antipolo City. The elementary course was offered in 1986 and after two years, a construction of three-storey building was done to accommodate the enlarging number of students. In the same year the school library was built. Government recognition was given to Preschool Department in the year 1990. In the next year the Government recognition was received by the Elementary Department and computer subject is offered. In the year 1992 the first year book was made, employment of the first male teacher Mr. Elmerante M. Sadicon, the school hymn was written and it became of the National Elections voting center. The following year PMS is cited as one of the ten best performing schools in the NEAT in Rizal. The name “PLEASANITE” was called for the students enrolled in PMS. The following years, more...
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