Enrollment System

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A. System Developers

Computer are very important and popular today they produce easy and reliable resources of information regarding to any forms of business. We, the students of AMA Computer Learning Center Bacoor Branch taking up System Analysis and Design under the course of Internet Technology with the supervision of Mr.Derick Valenzuela decided to form a group composing of 6 members namely , John David Bacay, Joshua Estrella Jayson Vedar, Kennille Toledo, John Kevin G Bautista, Roxanne Barbarra Altura. We, the System Analyst and Programmers are willing to help open the latest technology and techniques that will please the new era of system developing.

B. Company
The company that we have build the program is also AMA Computer Learning Center - Bacoor Branch, located in 3rd floor Bacoor Business Center Building Aguinaldo Highway, Bacoor city Cavite. The AMA Computer Learning Center is Filipino owned and operated corporation in Philippines the company was founded by the late Amable M. Aguiluz (who has an auditor general and national treasurer during late term of President Diosdado Macapagal that would proud world class education, to Filipino youth. The company is known for producing computer based in Manila. During the first quarter of 2000 they have reach a number of 100 branches nationwide.

C. Executive Summary
The researchers proposed a Registration System in AMA Computer Learning Center to provide faster and accurate computation of data of the students. In their existing system, they have slow process in handling the student's data also, they have delay preparation on the reports and summaries of the students. The researchers proposed a system that can improve and provide faster Registration process and payments.

D. Methods of Study
The researcher obtained information with the school librarian it help our team to gather information and take note of the statement that will help us in making this study. The school produced us with the needed information regarding the history, background of the system concerns to make this study possible.


A.Significance of the Study
In our study we will help the future researchers dealing same topic as like to improve the Enrollment system and also to helping schools on the effectiveness use of computer and to help the students, admin members, and family members.

B. Scope and Limitations
Our scope only focuses on Enrollment System, on how we can make a program that can give reliable in formation, easy to access, Register of students, day, time, and subjects, also it can print the page of the student who is acquiring information. The system also can print out the registration form and payment recipt.

Our limitation is we will only focus on the Enrollment ,registration and payments of the students.

C. Objective of the Study

- General Objectives

The general objective of the study is to improve and enhance the existing system of the said company and the researcher also would like to help future researchers or system developers to create or improve new student Information system in the future.

- Specific Objectives

The specific objectives of the research is to be able to create a Registration system for the said company. It will be only be able to show data related to the registration forms, the grades of students whether it will be first year, second year or an irregular students. So it will be of ease of access also to the admin, or registrar.

D. Hardware Specification of the Proposed System.
Mouse Memory Card
Keyboard CD-ROM
Router AVR

E. Software Specification of the Proposed System
Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
Microsoft Word 2007
Operating System must be XP or Windows 7
Power Point 2007

F. Evaluation of the Existing System

AMA Computer Learning Center (Bacoor Branch) provides you with...
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