Enrollment System

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Chapter 1
The Problem and Its Background
In this chapter, the background of the study is stated. The proponents discussed the problems the possible solutions and the significance of the study, scope and limitation is also discussed. 1.1 Background of the Study

Almost every transaction in the world is a Computer -based .The Proponents aim is to develop a Computer-based way of enrolling and Transaction. The study was chosen because the proponents believe that proposed system benefits the school. In 1956 Mr. Pedro M. Arce , an educator, successfully open a high school which is the Zambales Central Institute after he attained a permit from the Department of Education Culture and Sports. The enrollment for the first year was only 200 students and in third year of operation the school was fast progressing and as now the number of student they handled in all levels are almost a thousand. The Zambales Central Institute are very known school in San Felipe because in their quality and reputation. At present ZCI using manually facilitating their enrollment by means of writing in their enrollment form and giving the necessary required in the registrar. It is being administered by the Secretary and few assign teacher to help.

Zambales Central Institute
Toledo ST.
Natl. Road

Figure1 Vicinity Map of Zambales Central Institute
Figure 1 shows the location of Zambales Central institute near at the San Felipe Bus station.

Zambales Central Institute
San Felipe, Zambales
Mrs. Purita M. Morco
School owner
Figure 2.Organizational Chart

Mrs. Florenda A.Rosete
School principal

Teaching Force

Non-Teaching Force

Mrs. Magdalena Strella
Mr. Michael Ian Rabara
Mrs. Grace R. Bactad
Ms. Lynee Rose Quijano
Mr. Michael Flor Favo
Ms. Leah May E. Napoles
Mrs. Cecilia F. Uy
Mrs. Marilou Q. Nery
Mr. Rodmill Solis
Mrs. Chita R Abdon
Mr. Vicente Delos Reyes
Ms. Marjorie Villanueva
Mr. Dick F. Abdon

1.2. Theoretical and Conceptual Framework
1.2.1 Theoretical Framework

Official Receipt

Student‘s information

Fill-out registration form
Student’s Registration Form

Student’s Information
Student’s Payment
Paying Student’s Fees

Figure 3 Theoretical Framework
Figure 3 show the existing manual system. In enrolling first the student’s need to inquire about their previous record or if the student’s are new enrollee they need to inquire what are the requirements .If the student’s are cleared. The next step is to fill out the registration form, after filling out the form student’s need to give the form and pay it. And the student’s will receive the receipt of the payments made.

1.2.2 Conceptual Framework

Student‘s information

Student’s Record
Student’s Information
Input student’s Information

Official Receipt
Paying Student’s Fees
Student’s Payment

Figure 3.1 shows the proposed system in enrolling the student need to inquire in their previous record the personnel will look at the computer about your previous statement using your name or if the student’s are new enrollee they need to inquire what are the requirements and give it .If the student’s are cleared. The next step that the personnel will input student’s information in the computer .After that if the information are correct , the system will record it and the last step, the student’s pay the tuition and the student’s will receive the printed receipt of the payments made.

1.3 Statement of the Problem
1.3.1. General Problem
The Zambales Central Institute are using Manual system in enrolling their student which is time consuming and takes a lot of effort since they handling over 400 student upon enrollment . In terms of management they have bookkeeper to manually audit the transaction which another manpower and In terms in Security we all know that manual system has a low security...
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