Enrollment System

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Stand Alone Enrollment, Student Records and Billing System
This Chapter contains data that gives a general idea about the proposed system and its beneficiary; it explains the reason of choice of the institute and its background. This also explains what are the scope and limitation of the system, the different troubles that has been encountered with the use of the existing system/manual process and the subsequent solution that may arrive at the different stated objectives. 1.1 INTRODUCTION

Nowadays, Enrollment System is really needed in every school. It records all the necessary information of the enrollee for future use. If the school needs to retrieve the data of their student, the encoder will just input a particular detail (such as Student Number) of the student in the system and all the required information will show.

In an Enrollment, Student Records and Billing System, the school will be able to trace their students’ standings. The asked information to the student is inputted in the system like the payment, subjects, section, year level, etc and it will automatically be saved. If there is no enrollment system in a school, it may lead to chaos and troubles such as data disorganization, non-systematic flow of recording the student records and loss of data. It is definitely useful for a school to have a system to make the enrollment process much easy and consistent.

The proponents’ purpose of creating an Enrollment, Student Records and Billing System for T.R Yangco Catholic Educational Institute is to help the management to improve their enrollment process from manual to computer based system. Manual ways of enrollment is definitely a hard task, getting all their enrollees information using a pen and paper is a time consuming and there is a big possibility for an error to occur.

The system will make the school performance faster and more accurate because it will lessen the errors that may take place. Proper processing of data is a must for a school especially to those that have a large number of students. The implementation of this new system will decrease the school expenses for the enrollment process because they will just be using a complete set of computer instead of record books, ball pens, markers and file cabinets.

The Enrollment, Student Records and Billing System will be deployed to one computer and will just be accessed by the school management and other authorized personnel.

After the outbreak of World War II, rose the problem of the interrupted schooling of the youth. Who were full of verve to study, due to the absence of a secondary school in San Antonio. And the only alternative was to send the children to the provincial high school in Iba or to a private school in San Narciso. But parents and dismay could hardly afford it because of home rentals and travel expenses of their children. Besides, this period was under emotional and economic reconstruction. So some things were given lesser importance, including the education of the youth to eventually pave the way to meet immediate family needs. Fortunately, a group of concern people coupled with a great vision, “that sending children to school is an integral part of their growth as youth”, promptly established a secondary school here in San Antonio after accomplishing the needed requirements of putting up a school. And Jose Apostol, President and Director headed the service oriented group with Zacarias Pascasio as Principal, Pedro Madarang – Vice President and Business Manager, Juan Dancel and Mercedes Corpuz – Trustees and Candido Manglicmot – Secretary and Treasurer. The institution then was named after San Antonio’s famous philanthropist Teodoro Rafael Yangco. Consequently, the San Antonians, particularly the young ones, were very thankful to the founders for having TYHS, their second home, which could satisfactorily quench their thirst for education. More so when a magnanimous...
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