Enrique Journey

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Michael Peters
Enrique’s Journey Reading Response Paper
Dr. Clark EDUC 2120-Sec 07

When first learning that we had to read Enrique’s Journey, I was not as excited as others in the class. I really didn’t think that I would enjoy the book, or learn anything from the book or the characters within the book. But once I started reading this book I couldn’t put it down and in a weird way I wanted there to be a sequel just so I could find out about Enrique and his family now. That being said there were many lessons, trails, and tribulations in this book that I do not think that many if any of us will ever understand. The first idea that I thought was great about this book was that the author, put her self into Enrique’s shoes and went on his journey just as he did. I understand that she was not in as much danger, due to the note from the consulate, but she was still in danger non- the less and just taking a journey like that must put ones whole life in perspective. We live in a society where most if not all of us take living in the United States for granted, so Sonia Nazario stepping into a world that she is not comfortable and relaying this story to all of us is eye opening and should make all of us thank who ever it is we believe in that we are in the United States and have the opportunities that we have. There were also other specific examples in this book that has made me feel the way I do about this book. The first one is just the amount of determination and love that was in side Enrique to get to his mother at age 16. Here in the States for most age 16 is a time of joy, time to get your license, enjoying high school and hanging out with friends for the most part. But Enrique with just a phone number on a piece of paper sets out on a journey that most American children at age 16 could not even fathom. Enrique goes through so much, that it is hard to understand way didn’t he just give up. For example hopping trains and failing seven...
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