Enrique's Journey Analysis

Topics: Immigration, Immigration to the United States, Spain Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: October 5, 2011
I never expected Enrique’s Journey to be such a personal work. Being a journalistic book, I expected a lot of research in it, but not to the level Nazario’s gone to. Definitely, the way she introduced herself into the enduring situations that migrants go through when they try to reach the US gave me a new perspective of what to expect from the book. She comes from a migrant family too, so she can sort of relate to the characters in the book. However, as she confesses herself, her journey was nowhere as arduous as what these children go through to find their mothers. And the way in which she involved herself into the situation increases her empathy for Enrique en other numberless children. She wanted the book to feel real. So, from the beginning, even before she started writing, she had to find the perfect child that could represent the hardest and toughest reality migrants live through. She had to find the right places, the ones that exposed the cold, dead malign personality of robbers, rapists, and killers. The way she arranged for her security, it shows that she had an organized plan, prone to sudden changes, as I’m sure it happened numerous times. I can see, just from reading the prologue, that the journey won’t be easy at all. That tough reality sometimes unfolds itself like action movies do, as ironic as that might seem. It’ll be hard, sad and enduring. I think Enrique will be reunited with his mother once again, though I much doubt it if he will ever be the same after such journey. I believe that the book will be a sincere portrait of the unfortunate events that migrants have to undergo… why? Love? Hope? I’m not sure yet. When Sonia Nazario says that “immigration is a powerful stream, one that can only be addressed at its source”, the author is referring to the fact that there is an important reason as to why people choose to immigrate to the United States and that reason lies at the very basic foundation of Latin American societies. There is a series of...
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