Enrique's Journey

Topics: Holy Grail, Spain, Debut albums Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Ashley Valencia
English III, Period 3
Enrique’s Journey
In Enrique’s Journey, the author, Sonia Nazario says, “Finding them becomes the quest for the Holy Grail.” When Nazario says this, she is describing the journeys that children take to find their mothers. The journey that children take to find their mothers is a very painful journey, both mentally and physically painful.

During the journey children take to find their mothers, they come across many obstacles. Some obstacles are impossible to overcome, and not every child makes it to their mothers. In Enrique’s Journey(page 44), his grandmother says, “Many people die on the trains.” and the trains are described to be more dangerous then hitchhiking in this book. Children do not ride inside of the trains, but on top of them. They call the trains, El Tren de la Muerte(the Train of Death) and this is for the obvious reason, that the people who ride on top of them, do not always live. Children risk their lives and risk the chance of getting horrible injuries looking for their mother. They ride on the top of trains and as they move on the trains, they can fall off, and land below the train, and the damage is fatal. Not only do they have to deal with the risk of falling off trains, but they have to deal with the gangsters who control the tops of the trains, the bandits along the sides of the trains, and the Mexican police who take advantage of immigrants. Gangsters, bandits, la migra, abuse the immigrants that are traveling. A specific situation in the book of this is when Enrique is on top of a train, and a bandit strips Enrique of his clothes with just his underwear on, and takes his mother’s number and tosses it into the wind.

Taking a child’s mother’s number is devastating to the child. They are already traveling with little money, and barely any clothes. Their mother’s number is very important to them, it is the only way that they can get in contact with their mother’s. Taking it can lead to...
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