Enrique's Journey

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Michael Christiansen
Essay for Enrique’s Journey
1/8/13 Bowen 1st
I personally wouldn’t view these immigrants any differently than I do now. I view immigrants as other people in the U.S just with a different way of getting to where they are at now. In 2010 they said that there were over 11 million unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. I think that there is about twice as many in 2013 alone, and in 2010 in Idaho there were 100,000 alone. Yes, it surprised me a little bit when women and children take about 2,000 miles just to get to a safer place, when on the way there you take many challenges and come face-to-face with many dangers. The fact of these children being alone drives the kids to take this dangerous journey to be in America with their beloved ones. The women go to America to find a job to send money back to their family in Mexico. The women know of the danger that lies ahead but still takes that chance to get to America for their families. There is a lot of violence in America, its’ not just in Mexico or on their way to America. I always thought of Mexico as a calm peaceful place, but after reading Enrique’s Journey I changed my opinion on Mexico. Yes, my view of Mexico has changed for the simple reason of there is a lot of violence, gangs, rapist’s, and poverty. I can’t stand being around all that just in one period of time, it would honestly drive me insane about to the point of death. I do on the other hand feel extremely bad for those women and children that have to face all these dangers in the state of Mexico and on their way to America.

Well I would personally think that Enrique would still make the journey just to be with his mother.
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