Enric Miralles

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Enric Miralles, a famous architect driven and inspired by land forms and abstract ideas, passed away last night after continuous complications with a brain tumor. Enric Miralles was born in Barcelona in 1955. He received his degree in Architecture from the “Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura” in Barcelona in 1978. Miralles was known for many of his abstract ideas that he used on his buildings. The freely formed buildings, utilizing massive building materials and steel, develop from their relationship with the environment and connect themselves to it. He thought all buildings belonged to the environment and the environment need to be shown in them. Miralles loved nature and had an attachment to the environment. The use of landforms in his buildings, made natural materials and land the basis of his work. Miralles commented on his most famous work, “The Parliament sits in the land. We have the feeling that the building should be land, built out of land, gathering people together”. The Scottish Parliament Site is 60% vegetation which appealed to the Parliament. The building will cost more than 750 million dollars. But Miralles wasn’t looking to make it a landmark building. The building is full of democratic references, from the grassy banks that serve as a people’s “assembly area” to the dark, monk-cell-inspired inglenooks in each office. “But this is democracy at a luxury price”, Miralles acquired. When asked about all the abstract ideas and shapes he added to the building, Enric Miralles added that they can represent whatever you want them to be. But the building gives a concert hall feel, and the feeling of a place of importance. Miralles’ philosophy on time in building is very well present in the Scottish Parliament building because through time it will be an iconic building to Scotland, the coexistence between the building and landscape, and the very modern feel which will be fitting in the

future. Miralles...
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