Enrgy Problem

Topics: Hydrocarbon, Natural gas, Peak oil Pages: 1 (362 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Currently, problems are prevalent world wide. One of these problems is the running out of the energy sources such as oil, coal and gas. In this essay I will present the causes of this problem and supply how can individuals and governments give some solutions for this problem.

As we can see nowadays, most of the people are depending on different types of energy on their daily life and the most common source is oil. As a result of this habit, it can be finished as soon as they can not imagine. Moreover, if these kinds of energy run out, we will face many crises. For example; we will not find enough fuel to move around in our cars. In addition, if the gas is exhausted , most of people may not be able to cook.

As individuals, we have to tackle this dilemma of running out of energy sources. First of all, we should turn off the electric machines that we don't need. For instance; turn off the lights when you go out side. Following this, be sure that you choose the efficient heat that you need. Likewise, you can cut your unnecessary trips and try to ride with your family or friends in one car rather than each person their own.

On the other hand, governments can play a great role in this case. They can encourage public transportation. Also, they can raise the price of oil ( gas ) in order to stop people from depending on this source of energy. In addition, the most essential thing is educating people. Governments should make awareness campaigns in different areas to show the citizen how the environment may affected negatively and how the people might affected.

All in all, we should consider that the energy sources like the oil, coal and gas are not renewable and are harmful for the environment. They can be exhausted. So, in my point of view I think as individuals we have to protect these sources as they are endless and the governments should face this problem as soon as they can in order to keep a green, natural and safe environment for our children and their...
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