Enough Is Enough

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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Victoria Moran
Enough is Enough

In this article the author, Victoria Moran, reflects on her battles with weight and the struggles she experienced. She explains how she slowly progressed and found yoga, and how yoga helped her overcome her battle with weight lose through techniques instilled in her through the practice of the principles of yoga. The author focuses on the yogic ethic of ‘aparigraha’ or non-hoarding as the foundation of weight loss.

This holistic approach to weight loss is very interesting and something you don't hear very often. This approach is very personal and takes into account the mind, body and spirit. The author’s thinking comes from a twenty year journey. Her belief in this weight loss approach could be very motivating for the reader. Moran’s own weight issues were obviously a daily battle before finding yoga. She gives credit to her yoga instructor for giving her these wise words, "don't worry about changing your eating - yoga will change your eating.” Perhaps it planted the yoga seed, but Moran’s practise and appreciation for food remained an up and down roller coaster until she understood how ‘aparigraha’ could be applied to her consumption of food. The author also mentions that persistent motivation and practice was the outcome to finally losing the weight she was so desperately seeking.

Her argument and her use of fallacies comes out in many paragraphs. don't worry about changing your eating - yoga will change your eating, (Moran 2004). " Hasty generalization" . i started eating whole grain bread instead of white, and brown rice instead of rice krispies, i became a vegetarian, (Moran 2004). "Either Or, Hasty Generalization". I understood the concept in theory - the importance of not taking more then we need or can use, (Moran 2004). " Either Or". But i had a hard time exercising aparigraha when it came to menus, picnics, and pot-lucks supper, (Moran 2004). " Either Or, Non Sequiter". These are familiar states for many...
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