Enough and Daughter Gracie Leave

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  • Published : May 16, 2011
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Katelyn Sellers
April 29, 2011
Movie Review
The movie Enough was introduced in 2002 by director Michael Apted. It stared Jennifer Lopez, Billy Campbell, Tessa Allen, and Dan Futterman.
Slim was a waitress at a local diner. She met her husband in one of his many schemes he would pull with a friend of his. She ended up marrying him and they had a little girl. She began to realize after she has her daughter he would stay gone all the time, he was having and affair. She confronted him about it one night and he hit her. From then on out he would abuse her regularly. When she tried to leave he threatened to kill her. Finally one night she makes it, her and her daughter Gracie leave. She goes to a hotel and uses a friends credit card and he finds her from her using that credit card. She then goes to pay her father a visit to ask him for money. He thinks she just a grubber looking for a hand out until he is visited by two men and he realizes she wasn’t kidding. He sends her money and offers to help as much as he can. Realizing that she had had enough Slim starts training to be able to defend herself incase he finds her again. She then tracks down her husband Mitch and finds his new place. She hides out and waits on him. When he arrives home they begin to fight, she uses the anger she has from him hitting her and the love she has for her daughter to defeat him. She kicks him off a balcony where he falls to his death. With Mitch gone and out of the picture Slim and her daughter Gracie are free to live a happy life.

A good theme for this movie would be, don’t get in between a mother and her child. The only reason Slim stuck around as long as she did was for Gracie. He threatened her if she left that he would gain custody of Gracie with him having friends in the Police force this wouldn’t be hard to do. She had to play it very smart in order to not let things get out of hand, but everything she did she had her daughter in mind.

This movie is a very good one when...
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