Enomical and Social Development in Yemen

Topics: Water resources, Water, Water crisis Pages: 18 (5548 words) Published: March 17, 2013
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Paper for Economic and Social Development

Analysis of Yemen Water Sector

Demographical, Geographical and Historical facts5
Economical facts5
Before starting analyzing, in my point of view, most important problem in Yemen – water crisis I think it is important to pay attention to millenium development goals country has made.6 All in all, the majority of mentioned problems could be solved by managing potable water right, so in next part of this paper i will try to explain how the problem could be fixed.7 Analysis of Water Management In Yemen7

Water Management impact on different sectors8
Agriculture 8
SWOT for agricultural sector8
Projects analysis 11
The Land and Water Conservation Project was the only one of the three projects to focus on water resources management, and was the first Bank project to do so. The project piloted technologies to conserve rural water and land and forest resources. Its most important achievement was to successfully pilot an advanced groundwater irrigation technology which saved about 25 percent of water. Given the water crisis, the project was highly relevant. Efficacy was substantial as it broadly achieved its main physical objectives, but implementation was inefficient as management costs were significantly higher than planned. Taking all three of the above factors into account overall outcome was satisfactory. The project had an effective large scale training program in the new technologies, but otherwise did not strengthen institutions, and institutional development was modest. Sustainability is rated likely as Government commitment to the LWCP technology is evidenced by the launching since LWCP closure of two follow-on projects. Staff continuity has also been better than expected. Bank and Borrower performance were both satisfactory. (Paper of The World Bank)11 The Taiz Water Supply Pilot Project was hastily prepared as an emergency project to increase water supply to Taiz city. Due to overoptimistic assumptions without the needed hydrological data, actual water supply provided by the project was only one-third of the appraisal estimate. The project contained the highly relevant objective to pilot compensation to farmers for groundwater extracted from their land. However, rather than using a water market approach, compensation was based on one-time investments which failed as continuous incomes were not achieved. Preparation for private sector participation made no headway. The outcome for Taiz was unsatisfactory. Some strengthening of the institutions involved was achieved and institutional development is rated modest. Prospects for sustainability are improving as a result of better water management and a strengthened water agency, but several more years of positive progress are appropriate before the present unlikely rating could be considered for upgrading. Both Bank and Borrower performance were unsatisfactory. (Paper of The World Bank)11 The Sana’a Water Supply and Sanitation Project’s primary objectives to increase water supply and sewerage for Sana’a city were largely accomplished. The project’s main achievement was to transform a Government water agency into a corporation and to improve managerial, technical and financial performance. It led the way for corporatization and improved efficiency in other towns. Institutional development is rated high. However, this strong corporate management achievement was not accompanied by any water resources management activities. This lacuna brings down an otherwise highly relevant and well performing project to a moderately satisfactory assessment for outcome. Sustainability is assessed as unlikely, given Sana’a’s continuing rapid drawdown of its groundwater resources. Bank performance, which was good in most aspects, is downgraded from satisfactory to unsatisfactory, as the Bank’s lack of...
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