Enlightened Every Filipino for the Importance of Discipline, Nationalism and Responsibilities. Enlightened Ever

Topics: Poverty, Philippines, Judiciary Pages: 3 (826 words) Published: July 1, 2008
Philippines is composed of three foreign culture that help them enrich. How can we use these cultures to develop our country.

The Philippines in the past was beautiful, rich and famous. It was the first republic to flourish in the Southeast Asia. We know the standing of our country today… Poverty, unemployment, energy problem,financial crisis, corruption and so on. A sense of responsibility is one of the most important needs in our country today because without it government will be powerless and there will be no country. However most of Filipino has this but many hard headed government officials don't have this, they are corrupt and coward. Education is needed to promote social capability to fight corruption both in the rural and urban parts of this country. People need to know that their votes are priceless and can affects their daily lives. People need to know that government officials are our servant and not our masters. People must be educate without blindness of the law, they need to learn that law are free and for every one. We must know how things are going on inside our government system, we citizens are part of this country we hold the future. No one is holding the future of this country, not even the rich people but us Filipino.

We must develop discipline it make our country to nourished and enable us to be organized. It can make our economy and communication to be develop faster. It enables us to show to the world that we are great country with great people. The saddest part is most of Filipino don't have discipline… Did you saw EDSA? The busiest highway in the metro manila. You can see buses and jeepneys changing lane side by side as if they own the road. Driving in the Philippines is a headache it feels like a battle whose living and whose not. Pedestrian are crossing streets of manila like their living room. Motorist don't stop on pedestrian lane if there are pedestrian crossing the road. Our way of urbanization is mess and we...
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