Enlighten Moderation

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Enlightened moderation Presentation Transcript
* 1. Topic: Enlightened Moderation Presented By : Malik Ahzaz Ahmad: 2k4-Cp-19 Mohammad Akmal: 2k4-Cp-07 Ghulam Murtaza: 2k4-Cp-50 * 2. Definition: Enlightenment means to show a path to someone, whereas moderation means to tell the moderate path, i..e balanced path. Enlightenment and moderation are not just two catchy expressions, these also denote some appealing notions. We will discuss this topic from three critical views. They are Social Political (Main theme of our discussion) Islamic Introductory Paragraph: The Muslim culture, society and the Shariah if viewed from Islam’s intellectual ideological and moral prospective then these two attributes would stand out as the distinct features of Islam as a religion and civilization. Quotation from Qur’an: “Ummatan Wasatan” (A moderate community) From Hadis: “ Khair ul Umoori Ausatuhaa” (Moderation is the best course) * 3. Social View Seen in this backdrop, it would sound strange if someone objects the current talk about Enlightened Moderation. The problem is that what is being tried to foist today as enlightened moderation does not emanate from our own socio-cultural milieu, our own tradition , values or requirements. It has special significance for world in general and Muslim world in particular whose politico-civilization map is being given a new contour and complexion. If we see globally it becomes evident that this call for enlightened moderation is related directly to external pressures and demands. * 4. Political View The military, cultural, economic and more importantly politics have gained equal importance as any other factor. Its objective is not just to bring all the countries and nation under the political and military umbrella of only super power. It also impose on them a single value system intellectually, economically, financially and culturally. Some broad base strategies have already been started like the 9/11 incident, which is merely a true incident. Enlightenment moderation is being used as a pointer to eliminate Muslim culture and synchronize Muslim society with the western demands. Such attempts have been made in the past and it has become the center stage at present. * 5.  

* 6. Political View(Continued) From the last quarter of the past century the US intellectuals, policy makers and the media have been engaged in a new civilizational war. There objective to superimpose the west’s liberal socio-economic order over the world at large. Joseph Nye editor of the well known US journal ‘Foreign Policy’ says: “ The nature of the power in world politics is changing. Power is the ability to affect the outcome you want, and if necessary to change the behavior of others to make this happen”. The History’s lesson is also that “ War was the ultimate game in which the cards of international politics were played and estimates of relative power were proven”. * 7. Political view (Continued) The circumstances have however taken a new turn with the induction of nuclear weapons as the deciding factor. The brute forces like global politics and economic benefits have made waging a war very easy. These forces have been termed by Joseph Nye as “Hard Power”. There are other factors too which are playing the dominant role and Nye terms them as “Soft Power”; “ In this sense it is just as important to set the agenda in world politics and attract others as it is to force them to change through the threat or use of military or economic weapons. This aspect of power getting others to want what you want I call soft power. Soft power rests on ability to set the political agendas in a way that shapes the preferences of others”; * 8.  

* 9. Now the further discussion will be continued by my second partner. Mohammad Akmal * 10. Political View (Continued) For an effective implementation of this strategy the media has the pivotal role to play. The main target of economic power is to bring change in ideas,...
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