Enjoyable and Fun Learning Process

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Enjoyable and Fun Learning Process

Teachers are an important link in the chain of development of young people. They make a big difference in the lives of youth through education. To make the learning process is more successful they should make the learning process enjoyable and fun. Teachers should have characteristics that support enjoyable and fun learning process.

First, teachers should have varieties. Good teachers are practical. They can not only deal with situation quickly but also make an appropriate decision. They make varieties on how the students do the tasks and work together. They choose different learning activities to liven up lessons as well. They use various techniques to capture students’ attention. They have a variety of teaching style. And then they can teach in different locations and setting for a specific learning task.

Second, teachers should have a good sense of humor. Joke and smile can create comfortable atmosphere in the classroom. As a result, students feel relaxed when the teachers tell them funny things. Good teachers are able to use humor as part of their teaching methods. They can share stories of their own. It can make learning fun and easy to understand because the students are joyful in the class.

Third, teachers should keep up to date with the latest news and do self improvement. Teachers can read books, attend seminars, and surf on the internet to find materials or methods to improve their teaching performance. Teachers should teach not only text book materials but also the facts that happen outside the class. So, the students are interested in the subject and at the same time open minded for others and other topics. Teachers should convey information and up to date knowledge of the subject they are teaching. They show the whole wide world to the students.

All in all, varieties, a good sense of humor and self improvement are qualities which teachers need to make enjoyable and fun learning process. Good teachers...
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