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How does the media reflect the society of Japan? Please explain by citing three topics from the lecture.

During these ten years, there are quite a lot of productions like movies and dramas which are talking about Enjo-kosai (shorten form Enko). This trend reflects that Enko is getting more and more serious in Japan society. This essay will explain how movies, dramas and even foreign magazine reflect the Enko problem in Japan, and the reasons of the Enko phenomenon.

By the definition of Mr. Ho Ku (a part-time lecturer of department of Japanese Studies, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and creator of cross-media), Enjo-kosai (shorten form Enko), was a new term in 90’s which is from Japan. Initially, it means young girls agree to date with men in order to earn money but not necessarily accompany with sex. However, as the social climate’s deterioration, Enko becomes a synonymy of students’ prostitution.

The Enko problem was first reported by Asahi Shinbun on September 20, 1994. However, its widespread attention was attracted by a TV drama “Kamisama, mosukoshidake (神様、もう少しだけ)” which was produced by Fuji Television Network and starred by Takeshi Kaneshiro and Kyoko Fukada in 1998. In the story, Fukada is a high school student and Kaneshiro is a talented musician. In order to earn money for buying Kaneshiro’s concert ticket, Fukada done the Enko job. Although thay fall in love through this opportunity, Fukada is infected with HIV. Besides, in 2006, in a mini drama called “Tsubasa no oreta Tenshitachi (翼の折れた天使たち)” which was written by a famous mobile-novel writer called Yoshi, the leading role of one of the stories which was performed by Ueto Aya, was a girl grew up in a poor family and participates in Enko in order to become a young lady of note.

Actually, there was a movie “Shibuya 24 hours” which is also talk about three Enko girls in 1996. In 2001, the protagonist in Iwai Shunji’s film production “All about Lili Chou-Chou”, is a girl who is suffering...
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