Enhancing Teaching and Learning Within Music and Creative Media Production Using Mobile Technology.

Topics: Education, Learning, Mobile device Pages: 9 (3134 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Presentation Paper Cert Ed Year 2 – Taylor Payne

Enhancing teaching and learning within music and creative media production using mobile technology.

In this paper I aim to discuss how teaching and learning can be not only enhanced but also maximized due to the introduction of mobile technology to the learning environment. Mainly, I will be discussing the practicality of incorporating creative use of new mobile technologies into the subjects I teach, in the hope of enhancing not only the quality of my teaching but also the overall experience of the learner. My paper, and the work that accompanies it, will hopefully not only have an impact on teaching and learning but also learner success and retention rates within my courses. Technology and innovation not only dominate the fabric of our society, but also drive it forward, evoking changes in policies, changes in education and most importantly in my own opinion, changes in attitudes towards learning. In today’s society technology changes at a considerable rate and educating individuals with this constantly changing environment is a concern for both teachers and trainers. Utilizing this technology effectively is almost a ‘holy grail’ for a lot of forward thinking and creative educators and challenging the average use of technology will drive forward education, producing a new wave of more techno savvy but ultimately more creative learners. Certain theorists recognize the need of teachers and trainers to embrace creativity and technology when attempting to improve the quality of teaching and learning. “The more complex the world becomes, the more creative we need to be to meet its challenges” (Robinson, 2011: xiii) In our current economic climate, it is apparent that the arts and cultural studies having been given a raw deal when it comes to the levels of funding and cuts administered by the current coalition government. Jobs and funding for creative subjects have come under a certain degree of degradation in the last few years and the effect this could have upon learners is unthinkable. The need for arts and culture to exist within education as well as outside is enormous and current policies within not only our own government but also those around the world will have a detrimental effect on the quality of education for years to come. One need only take notice of the advancement of the aforementioned technologies (such as the internet and handheld devices) as proof of the need to encourage creative and divergent teaching and learning styles to cope with an ever changing and increasingly technologically complex world. In the current environment of the classroom, the smart phone or tablet can be viewed by some as only a hindrance to teaching and learning and the attitudes of some teachers and trainers towards such devices as well as the policies of educational establishments can have a detrimental effect on the quality of learning taking place. Obviously, improper or unauthorized use of these mobile devices can disrupt and distract learners from their tasks if not managed correctly and can go some way to undermine a teacher in certain circumstances. What can a teacher or trainer possibly tell you when you have the accumulated knowledge of the world readily available in the palm of your hand?

In the current economic climate the levels of funding cuts and redundancies within education and more specifically within creative and artistic subjects (educationengland.org) suggest that there is a hierarchy of importance within education and that subjects that are inherently creative, such as the arts, will suffer more than those which are more academic. With this in mind, It is virtually impossible for an establishment to provide every individual learner with access to an expensive device, which can be used as a tool to aid learning. However, the majority of 16-19 year old students do have such a device sitting in their pockets or bags for the majority of each...
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