Enhancing Students' Academic Performance Through the Workbook

Topics: Scientific method, Education, Learning Pages: 15 (4285 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Republic of the Philippines

Enhancing Students’ Academic Performance through
the Contemporary Mathematics Workbook

Team Leader
Prof. Analiza C. Paña

Dr. Edgardo M. Santos
Dr. Florencia D. Sitchon
Dr. Marilou D. Junsay
Dr. Ruby V. Gonzales

Research Assistants
Lajera, Jean Antonette S.Sundano, Jeason R.
Torrequemada, Jelly B.Bain, Rodelio Jr. D.
Carballo, Jesus Hell C.Asis, Nizza Jean N.
Adlawan, Georean C. Absin, Ailene R.
Payot, Cherie Mae T. Idji, Gwenda P.
Tuboso, Cristine G.

Second Semester, S.Y. 2012-2013
Chapter I
The Problem and Its Background

The government shall protect and promote the right of all citizens to quality education at all levels (Philippine Constitution, 1987) and has a responsibility to guarantee the people’s right to education (UDHR, 1948). Michail (2012) further described education as a basic human right that enable an individual to live his full potential as a human being. It is perceived by the masses as a stepping stone out of poverty. More importantly, education is of great importance for nation-building because it can mold the consciousness of the youth toward particular purposes.

Philippines in particular is trying to cope the demand of globalization gearing up to quality education as manifested in its active membership in international organization such as Asia-Pacific Economic Corporation (APEC), United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural organization (UNESCO) and United Nations (UN) to improve its educational system as its aim to join the “tiger” economies in Asia (Malaya, 1993).

According to Villar (1999), we have to make our graduates globally competitive so that we will not be left behind. The Education for All program stresses that attention to certain areas leads to substantial increase in school effectiveness. One of these is the adequacy of learning materials such as textbook, learning aids and teachers’ guides (UNESCO).

Ema & Ajayi (2004) viewed instructional materials as an “acts of giving help normally by teachers to provide help and encouragement in students or pupils learning activities. They further described instructional materials as a tool, which can easily be used by a teacher to correct wrong impressions and to illustrate things that learners cannot forget”.

It is well known among educators that the educational experiences involving the learner actively participating in concrete examples are retained longer than abstract experiences. Instructional materials add elements of reality by providing concrete examples to learning.

Maruff A. Oladejo ,Ph.D, et al (2011) found out in their study that the utilization of improvised instructional materials promote and enhance effective teaching-learning process. It is also supported in the study conducted by Mamokhele Julia Maduna (2002) that teaching aids have a positive effect on teaching mathematics, even in less than optimal circumstances, that is, under-resourced, rural, second language classrooms. The study demonstrated that teachers incorporate in their mathematics lessons any concrete material that will help learners to relate mathematics to real world and provide with hands-on activities that will de-emphasized routine and memorising facts, algorithms, formulas, and theorems.

Moreover, Cariño (1992) suggests that instructional strategies and materials to support the development of a truly Filipino education will be further enriched to achieve the objective of strengthening logical thinking and character formation. Teaching material should be seen as a dynamic part of the teaching process (Nash, 1999). For any education programme – be it formal or informal – UNICEF explains that learning material is devised in linking up with the circular objective.

Unfortunately, in third world countries like Philippines, where books are scarce and...
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