Enhancing Human Resource Manual of Berger Paints

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Associated with paint manufacturing for almost 200 years, BERGER is an instantly recognized name world-wide. Berger Jenson & Nicholson acquired British Paints in 1969 and as of this acquisition the Berger Group, Berger Jenson & Nicholson was formed. In the year prior to this merger, other mergers had brought together Lewis Berger & Sons, with John Hall and Jenson & Nicholson. All these four organisations contributed their various expertises in the areas that they were strong in to group that had been created.

The strength of Berger in building paints was complimented by British Paints’ strength in marine coatings, Jenson & Nicholsons’ pioneer work on color mixing system and John Halls’ vast knowledge of building industry. The Berger Group has currently 49 manufacturing plants in 32 countries around the world as well as marketing representatives in every continent of the globe. Along with its associated companies Berger employees more than 12000 people and also have a Research & Development capability that is available globally. The Berger Group heads office in London co-ordinates all the various activities of Berger world-wide.

Berger paints in Pakistan:

In Pakistan, Berger Paints Pakistan Limited came into existence on the 25th of March, 1950 with the opening of Jenson & Nicholson trading company at Karachi. In the start Berger was primarily concerned with importing of paints into Pakistan. The actual manufacturing and production of paints in Pakistan started five years later on the 7th of July 1955. In the year 1973, they began a process of expansion of its existing capacity as there was an increase in the demand of paints in the country. One year after the move to expand in-order to cater to the growing demand for paints in Pakistan, Berger had opened a branch in Lahore by 1974. Five years after expansion of Berger started; a branch office was opened in Islamabad in 1978. The Colour Advisory Centre was also opened in 1978 in Karachi and this followed its way to the cities of Lahore and Islamabad.

Berger was initially started up as a Private Limited Company but on the 29th of December 1967 it was changed into a Public Limited Company. The Company name was changed from its previous Jenson & Nicholson Pakistan Limited to Berger paints Pakistan Limited in 1979 thus associating it with the Berger World-wide Group.

Presently, Berger Paints Pakistan Limited has a maximum production capacity of more than 8 million litres per annum. An associated undertaking J&N Pakistan Limited was established at Mirup, Azad Kashmir in 1993 to supplement production of the main factory at Karachi which has also added to the increase in its capacity for providing to the northern regions of Pakistan.

As a mark of the Company’s commitment to progressive modern technology and to ensure consistency of shades, Berger became the first paint manufacturer in Pakistan to start computer colour matching. Berger’s collaboration with Nippon of Japan offers paints specially formulated for the automotive, pre-treatment and thermoplastic road markings.

Berger also has its own resin manufacturing facility - the first paint company in Pakistan to have one - apart from a wholly-owned can making & printing unit which ensures high quality standards in packaging.



In Pakistan, for the last five years the government’s emphasis has been on infrastructural development such as road networks. New technologies and systems are being explored to upgrade old inter provincial highways and develop new roads. New road safety instruments such as lane marking, delineators, road signs, cat studs, guardrails, etc. form an integral part of any major road.

Lane marking of roads plays an important role in guiding traffic directions....
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