Enhancing Groups

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  • Published : October 24, 2012
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1. How is pressure exerted toward uniformity?
“The force to change exerted on any particular part of the group is also a direct function of the discrepancies in state between this part and all other parts of the group” (Festinger & Thibaut, n.d.).

Festinger, L., & Thibaut, J. (n.d.). Interpersonal communication in small groups. Retrieved from http://www.soc.ucsb.edu/faculty/friedkin/Syllabi/Soc147/Interpersonal%20Communicaion%20in%20Small%20Groups.pdf

2. Have you been part of group decision making that went against what you felt was right? What factors led you to reduce your opposition or stop arguing against the group’s stance? I have been a part of a group decision making process that went against what I felt was right. When my daughter was first diagnosed with ADHD and Bi Polar disorder I was totally against medication for her. There was a meeting with me, her psychiatrist, and her counselor. The psychiatrist and the counselor strongly urged for medication to be used but I didn’t want her on medication. After listening to their reasons and them giving me literature on why medication can help I lessened my opposition. I was able to take the literature home and research the medications in question. Once I did my own research and read the information given to me I understood why this medication might be helpful. I finally allowed the use of medication because of the research and the doctor’s openness to my opinions and feelings toward the use of medication.

3. Have you ever been in a group where you felt the need to conform even though you thought much differently than other members? How did this affect the group’s success? How did this affect your feelings toward the group? There have been several times when I need to conform to a group even though my thoughts are much different. Although I finally did conform I did hold some resentment because it felt as though my ideas were not being heard. I also felt that there were many ways to compromise using...
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